No problem, let alone 44, even 440 and 4,400 Xuanpeng’s learning ability can be mastered in an instant.

However, when I hit the hokage cartoon Xuanpeng in my memory again, I was surprised to find that it turned out to be … a piece of white? !
In the history of Kunlun, this cartoon is obviously tampered with.
It has been deleted.
This …? !
Xuanpeng looked at Lin chong in surprise.
At this time, without the backing of Kunlun Heaven, the only secret theory in Xuanpeng’s hands is that the return of all worlds is that all four have become tangible goods, not to mention drilling the wall of another world, or it is difficult to maintain their high vision.
"Water hurts to break the dragon and play the chicken since …"
Lin Chong has silently changed his handprint and made a waterspout play seal.
Whoosh ~
The jade book flew out of Xuanpeng’s hand to fall into Lin Chong’s hand.
"no!" Xuanpeng growled so fiercely that he grabbed the jade book and refused to let it go. It was only when Dapeng with golden wings gave up his life that he got a chance, a chance to rebuild the demon world, an opportunity that countless demon families in the heavens had been waiting for all their lives. How could he give up easily enough!
He also has the secret of all things, the creation of three elements, the four great ones, the mysterious return to Hong, the extreme breakthrough of boundaries, the transformation of nature, and the beauty of all!
But the French touch history is just a wandering soul.
Xuanpeng exhibited more than ten kinds of unique secrets in his hands, which dazzled Lin Chong.
When supported by history, these unique secrets are all earth-shattering
Once the historical trust is lost, it’s just a change of light and shadow. Xuanpeng’s only secret can’t stop the return of the jade book, and he is dragged by the jade book to Lin Chong.
"This is impossible!" Xuanpeng was pulled to Lin Chong with red eyes, and he was so angry that he seemed to swallow the whole Lin Chong. This punch still showed his double martial arts demeanor. According to the truth, Lin Chong couldn’t stop it.
But … Bang!
Lin Chong pops up a flower that everything belongs to the secret and blocks Xuanpeng’s fist.
On martial arts, 100 Lin Chong are no match for Xuanpeng, but at the moment, Xuanpeng has become taller or not. It’s just a shadow. Even if Xuanpeng hits Xuanpeng, it can’t shake Lin Chong’s jade book in his hand. Lin Chong is equivalent to robbing heaven for fifty times. How can the historical shadow shake history?
But Lin Chong was equally cautious or the only secret to stop Xuanpeng.
"It’s only five minutes away." Lin Chong magnified everything like a flame burning from Xuanpeng’s arm and burning Xuanpeng’s half.
Now half of Xuanpeng is swallowed up by all things, and the other half is normal. The hand is still exerting all kinds of unique secrets in vain. The secret of Armageddon is indeed the BUG of the heavens. All the unique secrets can be simulated, and all of them are no different from reality.
"What five minutes? !” Xuanpeng listened to Lin Chong and couldn’t help being stunned.
"When I joined the heaven of life to the heaven of Kunlun, Kunlun was really on guard against you. The timing was good, but it was a little short. If you could devour the roots five minutes earlier, you would really hope to win the Kunlun limit. You missed the real opportunity five minutes later," Lin Chong said.
"No! Wrong! " Xuan Peng shook his head fiercely. "This is not right!"
"I’ve got the limit of life and heaven, and I just got the Kunlun heaven!" Xuanpeng gnashed his teeth and growled at Lin Chong, feeling extremely remorseful and self-reproach, which almost swallowed him up. He roared like a wild animal.
"Now that it is the highest limit, how can you seal the jade book when blessing! Unless I get the limit is not the highest is not … "
Yelling at this Xuanpeng, he suddenly got a meal. His eyes were so white that he seemed to recall what he had seen and heard in human beings. Those floating islands and Jin Xian suddenly pointed to Lin Chong. "Originally …"
"Go" Lin Chong’s right hand clenched everything in a black whirlpool and swallowed Xuanpeng’s remaining half.
Everything is flying around Xuanpeng.
The black four-tailed vortex is big and small, as if Xuanpeng were struggling in it.
But it’s nothing.
Since Gao Xuanpeng was promoted, he lost his body. Once the life form of the broken avatar is transformed, there is no turning back.
There is no history to look at, but the height of the flat peach tree farm has been refined by Li Boyang, a god with a heavy title, and it has become a pure secret in the imprint, and the last scene is just a magic weapon.
"It’s not that the broken avatar can’t be honored, but that you don’t want to be honored, and you don’t want to break the high possibility of your achievement." Lin Chong sighed when thinking about the excuse that Xuanpeng had not been honored when he entered the Tianmen.
Xuanpeng’s former Dapeng Wang is now the second generation of demon gods. Among the original aborigines in Shenzhou, except Xu Junhu, Lin Chong’s cause and effect is the deepest, and it has finally become a square black treasure box in the grinding of everything.
The treasure box is a wooden box with several reliefs on the surface, and the relief pattern is the only secret pattern.
This treasure box will be a treasure that belongs to one genus and two treasures. It contains all kinds of secrets. If you want to play it, you can display it. Even other celestial heights should covet its rarity.
Lin Chong waved his hand and held the treasure box in his hand, which made it clear that the name of the treasure box was’ Wanjie Box’.
"It’s a pity that I can’t leave you alive." Lin Chong sighed and said that letting Xuanpeng go for the first time made it a robbery in Kunlun today. If you let Xuanpeng go again today, you won’t know what demon moth will be born in the future if you don’t wear it off as a baby.
Xuanpeng, the second generation of demon gods, died in the first year of high school, and all the demon families in the world lost their lives. In every earthly world, even in every celestial world, the demon families either wailed or attacked others crazily. These abnormalities were all looked up by the heavens, and they probably understood that the demon gods failed to establish a Sect for the second time.
"Kunlun fate is still strong …"
"Look, the show is not over yet …"
In the metaphysical universe, the tall people are whispering less than Lin Chong’s ears. He looks around and looks happy. Xu Junhu has a cool face and is uneasy and envious.
First of all, he comforted and envied, "I know that you were forced by Xuanpeng to identify me. Don’t worry, I won’t blame you."
"Thank God for your forgiveness!" Envy plop on one’s knees
"You don’t blame me for leaving the back door in the jade book. This is the latest technology developed by the Countermeasure Bureau. When simulating a fake jade book, there is still a maximum limit, but when receiving a certain order, it is necessary to verify the truth and falsehood.
If it’s false, the jade book won’t admit that all its complicated handprints have to be unsealed. The source of this handprint has been deleted from the human text. It is recorded in my mind that when Lin Changsheng returns from the future and can seize the celestial world, the countermeasures bureau will study this technology. "