"Slight itching of the skin due to psychological reasons"

Chapter four hundred and twenty-three
It’s three o’clock in the morning, and Huang Yuan, the third high-energy physics research base of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and all the scientists are still keeping a close eye on the constantly beating data on the display screen.
The third high-energy physics research base is located in orbit, in new Jupiter and new Saturn, and it is also in space that people show experiments in the environment that meets the requirements.
The experiment has been going on for five days, and today is the time when the results of the experiment come out. When the figures are finally fixed, a group of scientists have a tacit understanding and returned to their own operating tables.
With these data, some original methods can be used for theoretical deduction and calculation
When the data analysis and calculation continued for several hours, finally all the data were summarized in the hands of Dr. Huang Yuan, and a series of parameters were input into the Yinhe supercomputer to be recalculated according to the original physical model, and the final result was presented five hours later.
It’s a series of complex data operation symbols. In ordinary people’s eyes, it’s just some characters, but in the eyes of Dr. Huang Yuan, these characters seem to have special power, a power that makes people desperate and destroys the whole text.
Dr. Huang Yuan’s face was pale and there were big drops of sweat oozing from his forehead.
"Sure enough, even the virtual protection network with the highest energy level can resist the penetration of dark matter particles, and no material can protect us."
This has theoretically denied that it is possible for people to resist the invasion of dark matter particles with the help of visible matter, how expensive the material is, how powerful its performance is, and how complicated its birth process is. If it is made of visible matter, it can resist dark matter particles and make human beings or other lives unaffected by it.
But how can people have dark matter materials today when dark matter is only in theoretical calculation?
"Is that fate really going to trap us human beings here?"
Dr. Huang Yuan couldn’t bear this result any longer, so he sat down in the chair with a soft body. But after breathing for more than ten minutes, Dr. Huang Yuan bit his teeth again, and there was a light like a bloodthirsty beast in his eyes.
"No, it can’t be. There must be something wrong. The final result can’t be like this. Yes, I’ll check it again to see where the calculation process went wrong."
Dr. Huang Yuan just got up, but the door behind him creaked and a familiar wooden sound came into his ear. "I have finished reading your notes, teacher."
Don’t look like that fat body in the office. He looked at Huang Yuan with an expression on his face and handed over a note. "Your notes are too simple. I read them once and I have already remembered them. Is there anything else I haven’t learned?"
Dr. Huang Yuan had an idea at once.
Dr. Huang Yuan squeezed out a smile and said, "Just as you came, I just have a question I want to test you."
Mo Xiang machinery shook his head. "There is no problem but it is hard to live with me."
Dr. Huang Yuan deliberately said, "I have an old friend who is a famous chef in the whole city. He even praises the Fuehrer for cooking. If you can pass this test, I will invite him over and let him cook a meal for you."
Mo Xiang said calmly, "What is the test of goodness?"
Dr. Huang Yuan sighed, "Forget it. This problem is too difficult for you to work out."
Don’t look as if you were angered, a fat face that was almost squeezed into a crack and shone brightly in your eyes. "Teacher, if I can’t do it, I will never eat dried meat again."
"Do you really want to do it?"
Ok, Dr. Huang Yuan pointed to the next brain screen. I just did some calculations in this brain. There is a hidden step in these calculations, or there may be a mistake in the model construction. I can’t tell you where the mistake is, but I know it must be if you are a genius. I will find this mistake and give it to you for two days.
"One day is enough." Mo Xiang said stiffly, and immediately came to the brain to check the whole calculation process. As soon as his eyes came into contact with those data, his whole spirit seemed to be completely immersed in the digital world and he would never pay attention to foreign objects again. Huang Yuan waited behind Mo Xiang for a moment and finally sighed and turned and left the room.
"As our future depends on you, there must be some mistakes in those calculations. You can definitely find them out, right?"
In this anxious mood, Huang Yuan waited
These calculations were made jointly by many physicists in Huang Yuan, and each step has been tested several times, which is a supercomputer tool with more powerful computing power. The possibility of error is very low, but Huang Yuan can’t believe that these calculation processes are correct.
Although dark matter has not been actually observed, it has been actually verified in one physical calculation after another. It is meaningless to question whether the results can be verified in reality today, but it means that human beings will not leave Phoenix until there is a breakthrough in basic physics. Perhaps this result is too desperate and acceptable.
Several times, Huang Yuan tried to push the door to ask Mo Xiang if he had found anything, but every time he controlled himself at the end of the door. Huang Yuan knew that he could not disturb his students.
Mo Xiang seems to have encountered a big problem. In the past two or three hours at most, Mo Xiang would shout that he was hungry and then come out to find food. But now it has been seven hours, but there is still no movement in the room.
When the twelfth hour passed, Huang Yuan couldn’t help but worry that his student’s body hesitated several times. After that, Huang Yuan finally pushed the door gently and looked at the house through the crack of the door. He saw that Mo Xiang was constantly writing a series of complex formulas on the virtual interface, and his expression was sometimes excited, sometimes angry and sometimes gnashing his teeth. It seemed that he was fighting with an invisible enemy, so Huang Yuan quietly closed the door again.
Generally speaking, even if a person doesn’t eat for a few days, he won’t cause any irreparable damage to his body. What’s worse, he is so fat that he has enough fat.
For more than ten hours in a row, Huang Yuan has been extremely tired, and now he can’t support it. He randomly found a lounge nearby, but he woke up after sleeping for less than five hours.
The elephant in the room is still immersed in the digital world.
Twenty-four hours have passed quietly, not like when it was said.
His spirit is not as high as it was at one time. He is sitting in a wide chair and his body is shaking slightly. Like a spider web, bloodshot eyes appear in his eyes. He is flexible and fast before he draws his fingers on the virtual screen.
He seems to be immersed in a difficult problem, and often it takes more than ten minutes to write a short formula on the virtual screen very slowly, and it takes more than an hour to finish writing a picture, but it is often erased by the Ministry.
A researcher in a white coat came to Huang Yuan with a pale face and said incoherently, "Dr. Huang Yuan, my calculation results show that it is impossible for us to show matter to resist that dark matter particle. I suspect that there is an error in my calculation process, but I have verified it several times in a row. I wonder what kind of results you got?"
Huang Yuan said gloomily, "I also got that result."
The researcher looked a little desperate. "We, we …"
Huang Yuan put his finger in front of his lips and hissed a little, saying, "Like looking for mistakes in the calculation process."
The researcher carefully looked at the room and then sat down in the corner. "If anyone can find the mistake, it must be like waiting for us."
Another researcher came here with a pale face. After the former researcher talked a few words, he also sat down, ranking third and fourth …
At that time, in the past 37 hours, there were more than a dozen researchers sitting by the wall outside the room. People looked anxious, but everyone tried to keep quiet. The fat body in the room was still sitting there and the inspection continued.
Suddenly there was a loud bang from the room, and Dr. Huang Yuan jumped up and pushed the door instantly, and people saw that Mo Xiang had fallen to the ground with his chair.
"Like what’s wrong with you? Doctor, call a doctor! "
Huang Yuan shouted anxiously, and then seven researchers poured into the room, and all seven hands and feet carried Mo Xiang out. It seemed that Mo Xiang had fallen into a coma because of these movements, and slowly opened his eyes.
"Teacher, I’m sorry I didn’t find that mistake … after that, I stopped eating dried meat."
"There’s nothing like eating as much as you want and buying dried meat with all the teachers’ salaries …"