This is the lighthouse city where Xu Lesuo lives.

However, this is not the outermost part of the city, and there is a towering wall outside.
This wall is a long distance from human settlements, and it is also very simple, that is, it can block most wandering and low-level weird.
There are four gates in the southeast and northwest of the city wall to check the residents who enter and leave the city on weekdays.
There is also Kuroshio pressure released at night.
The city wall is far away from the human area, and even if it is dark, it will not naturally produce more weirdness.
Lighthouse, one of the four safe places for human beings
Has the most ridiculous resource allocation, the most rigid promotion channels and the most straightforward regional division.
The gap between urban and urban areas is like a natural barrier.
But even so, it is one of that few light in this dark age.
Look at this unreal city as I remember, Xu Le murmured.
"What an incredible city."
"Yes, it’s our home."
"What do I need to prepare when I get back?"
Bai Jing turned her head and gave a malicious smile.
"bite your teeth and come back to life."
The steam car stopped outside the city wall.
There is a lighthouse watchman, another lighthouse guard.
Although they are different departments, there is no strong competition between them.
There is no dog blood conflict on weekdays.
Salute before guards immediately after seeing Bai Jing and his team.
And Bai Jing also made a lighthouse tie ceremony before the guards.
"Team 6 Bai Jing returned to the team."
Welcome home, Captain Bai Jing.
Chapter 12 Psychic worms
After greeting each other, the guards sprayed some special powder on Bai Jing and his party in an orderly manner.
Xu Le looked at it from a distance as some kind of disinfectant powder.
But before it was his turn, the heat in his heart reappeared.
These powders can actually distort words in front of him.
"Red Crescent Emotional Neutralizer"
"Emotional neutralizer?"
Xu Le frowned slightly. Just as he was wondering, Bai Jing pointed at him and said to the guards.
"This man is the one we brought back from the outside and stayed out alone for the night.
The risk is extremely high. Check it. Business is business, so you can’t give me a face. "
Xu Le? ? ?
Why do you feel avenged because I told her a chicken soup?
This woman is … so stingy?
In fact, the garrison was also surprised to hear Bai Jing’s words
Boy, the developer will bring people back?
First time!
Since captain Bai wants to do business, it must be arranged!
Xu Le had some scalp pins and needles. He remembered Bai Jing and talked to him before.
Try to live in the inspection!
What kind of inspection needs to be vivid?
"Hello, Mr. Guard."
"Don’t befriend me. Come and dissipate energy first."
"good amount"
Xu Le was also sprayed with emotional neutralizer, but he didn’t feel anything
"Little Xu Le, let’s go first. Oh, have a good feeling. Let’s check it out for those who stay overnight."
Xu Le was delivered to the guards, and Bai Jing and others left.