There is a long dragon in front of cinemas around the world.

"Robbery Squad" has been shown for almost a week, and the popularity is still unabated.
It can even be said that the more the film is shown, the higher the heat. The other films have been completely squeezed to almost no cinema, and all the cinemas have been given to Robbery Squad.
In particular, almost all the films in the same period as "Robbery Squad" in the state have been rescheduled for pre-screening.
This can be achieved not because of the excellent quality of Robbery Squad, nor because the fans trained by Brewers are too hard-core, nor because the "earth guardian" and reality are weird, but also because of the game "Hegemony of the Times"
The remaining 1000 places in "Hegemony of the Times" will be drawn from the audience of "Robbery Squad" this week.
Four knives stole out a war dog and made a scene in his girlfriend’s house. Although it was forcibly covered up, it was changed to a "Robbery Squad" announcement, but there were too many doubts. Moreover, four knives used to drive a war dog across thousands of kilometers and passed through several cities. Up to now, there are still videos flowing out to the Internet, causing rounds of hot discussions.
It is increasingly confirmed that "Hegemony of the Times" is not a game, but a direct video remote live broadcast.
Although Neng Manor always denies and denies to the outside world, the more you deny something, the more people believe it.
And because of this, more and more people hope to get this "test account"
What followed was the soaring price of "test account"
For many people, buying a sports car and a yacht is just for fun.
What is the same? Why not play the most interesting car in the world?
There is probably no cooler and more interesting investment for the rich to spend money on a sports car and a "war dog"
And many people don’t really have that much money, but they are willing to give anything to get this opportunity.
Of course, there are more people who want to get lucky and get this quota.
This is what ordinary people think.
I don’t know how many state governments and armies are also staring at this opportunity.
Since the hammer man invaded this world, it has become more and more bizarre and understandable.
The tsunami and various natural disasters in rusty gold have caused the earth to suffer heavy losses, but it has also seen new development directions.
Unfortunately, someone has gone far ahead of them.
No matter what’s going on in the world, this may be their only chance to pursue the development of the world so far.
The world pursues the same game account and longs to get something in the game that can’t be obtained in reality. This kind of plot can only appear in ancient game novels, but now it appears in reality.
The whole world is eager for the "Age Hegemony" account, but it is not available.
Because the biometric technology has been added to Age Hegemony, before all accounts were traded by binding method, it is conceivable that there will be a thousand places left, which will be a terrible price. The easiest way to get the Age Hegemony account is to swipe the ticket! Brushing tickets desperately!
So a movie premiere was almost made into the largest gambling house in the human world, and the fanaticism of the whole society was simply unexpected.
As the week goes by, there is less and less time left, and things such as fighting for a ticket, stealing ticket stubs, hacking into the ticketing network and so on have all appeared.
All this is absurd like an absurd film. Some people say that "Robbery Squad" is the biggest art in the world. A "Robbery Squad" really robbed the whole world.
But some people are actually very calm.
At present, the players are standing in line with four knives and looking at the ticket checking team ahead. Xiao Xuan is holding a cup of coke and a bucket of popcorn around him.
"Do you think we are crazy to see a movie run hundreds of kilometers?"
"I can’t help it. Other places are full. My friend helped me get two tickets from here. Otherwise, we don’t know when we can see Robbery Squad …" Four knives said.