His horse turned the camera to observe the surrounding situation. "Let me know if Ann finds a horse!"

"Yes … there is movement!"
"Which direction?"
"All directions!" Antonli’s pitch is out of tune.
Yip hon suddenly got up and crowded to Antony’s side to watch the radar, and saw that the radar screen was full of flashing light spots, and there were at least dozens of them.
Yip hon immediately ordered in the line, "Get ready for battle and observe the situation. No fire without my order!"
There is silence in the line. At this time, everyone needs to listen to the order and does not answer. If it is necessary, they will ask if they have heard the order clearly.
The low hum is getting clearer and clearer, and you can hear it clearly even through the armor. Ye Han turned the camera round and round until a beetle jumped into the camera.
"Come out!" Ye Han muttered to himself and continued to rotate the camera to take beetles in its direction into the lens one by one.
Xiao yuan asked softly, "won’t the boss fight?"
"Hit" Ye Handing with determination
The soldiers immediately took action. First, the armored car guns burst into flames, and the guns instantly broke the peace of the forest. Two beetles were hit by sudden shells, and the shells continued to pierce the giant worms in a blink of an eye. With the two muffled sounds, they appeared in turn, and the chemicals in the beetles exploded into clouds of smoke.
Seeing this scene, Yip Han suddenly had a weird idea. Is this his mother a martyrdom? There is really no one who has evolved such a pit worm ability except the fart beetle … It’s strange to be lucky to have such an unlucky name.
Yip hon’s spitting doesn’t affect the gunner’s use of machine guns to kill a pair of beetles and aim at a target fire immediately.
Its beetle did not flinch because of the death of its companion, but flapped its back and jumped off the ground like a miniature helicopter.
What do they want?
There was some doubt in everyone’s heart. Before everyone thought of the answer, the swarm suddenly rushed to the armored vehicle.
Ye Han is almost able to shout "Three Prevention Systems Start Three Prevention Systems!"
The words sound just fell and the swarm flew to the armored vehicle, but it didn’t land on the armored vehicle. Instead, it flew directly over the armored vehicle and crossed it. At the same time, a high-temperature airflow was ejected from behind the ass, and a heat wave of more than 100 degrees suddenly enveloped the armored vehicle.
Second, third, fourth …
The swarm seems to dive in turn, and the bombers keep passing the armored vehicles. Although the machine guns are still burning, there are very few beetles shot. Even if Ye Han is wearing power armor, he can feel the temperature rise in the car.
If there is no three-proof and unified vehicle, will chemicals diffuse outside the vehicle and leak into the vehicle?
Although Yip hon doesn’t know what the beetle spews out, it’s always not a good thing.
Antonli suddenly shouted, "Captain, another batch of worms!"
"Is it still endless?" Yip hon sullenly "smoke bombs!"
A few loud noises, the smoke bomb catapult of the armored vehicle popped up several smoke bombs, and the thick smoke immediately wrapped the armored vehicle layer by layer.
This thing used to confuse the enemy plane beetle, but it was barely a force. Yip hon didn’t know what the beetle relied on to determine the position of armored vehicles, so he always called out first.
However, the situation did not develop in the direction expected by Yip Han, and the swarm still flew to the armored vehicle to run wild accurately and mistakenly.
Military smoke bombs can even shield infrared rays and microwaves. It makes no sense to stop beetles from seeing unless they are not positioned by vision!
So how do beetles find armored vehicles?
Yip hon puzzled eyes inadvertently fell to milli dynamic truck.