There he was, shining with silver. At this moment, he was like a god of war from the end of time.

How … How is that possible?
What is the effect of blood on Zhuang?
Wait a minute … Is it true that the landlord said all day that he was washed with blood?
Servants actually don’t believe who is touched by blood because of the time.
Master Zhuang, what’s so special?
Is it the welfare of the manor owner?
In the era of exile, there are all kinds of dangerous drugs at any time. Masks are standard for almost everyone, but masks can only temporarily delay injuries.
There are more than a dozen wanderers in the war dog, and they all feel that their strength is inexplicably lost.
Their body armor and protective gear are also rusting and peeling off …
"What is this venom? It’s so poisonous … ahem …"
They are getting weaker and struggling.
"This … this is the blood!"
Time blood?
What? You said this vat was full of blood?
No … How is that possible? So much blood?
The whole exile era is estimated to have no so much blood!
How can blood be used as a weapon!
This is simply asking the head of state to be a suicide bomber!
But if not, what is blood?
Time, blood, ah, ah, rich!
Grab and kill! Grab it!
At that moment, the rapid passage of time brought about decline and decay, and there was no way to stop their greed.
Their bodies seem to have strength again.
A fallen dragon rushed out at the top of his voice, brandishing all kinds of weapons with one of his own big hands, and rushed to the village not far from there.
"Protect the landlord!" Xu Jianfei shouted.
But before he could find his way into the bloody death zone where it was flowing everywhere, he saw Zhuang not far away and slapped him backhand.
"The manor owner brutally hit his face!"
"pa!" With a loud noise, the fallen dragon man flew backwards and turned into a loose fly ash in the middle.
Not far from the villa, which is three meters high in one second, he has rushed into the rogue waving his hands.
His hands are shining with silver, and he is not armed to build a god. Not far away, Weili Blessing Village is the strongest weapon!
He flipped his hands, and the person he hit exploded like a bomb.
A dozen loiterers can’t even resist the blink of an eye in front of Zhuang not far away and become piles of dust around Zhuang not far away.
"Ahhh ….." Just now, I was stunned by the brutal examination not far from Zhuang. The third pupil was the last lucky one. He launched a charge not far from Zhuang in despair.
Running and running, suddenly I don’t feel my body
He looked down to see that his body was already disintegrating.
"Cough …" What he wanted to say was that he coughed lightly.
"Shout" came a slap in the face not far from a village, and the palm wind had just arrived when he had completely disintegrated.
Wanderer out!
All the soldiers and servants stared at the front in amazement.