Elona looked unhappy when she saw the old man with the withered staff.

But when I saw an old man like a tree man, I got up with Skeleton and greeted him with a salute. "Elona, Skeleton greets you!
Respect the oak father Sivanas crown! "
Chapter one thousand one hundred and twelve All beasts master
This old man, who is shaped like a tree, is a powerful god of oak tree father Sivanas.
And the old man with a withered staff beside him is a natural god, Obaihai, as well as Elona, a god with medium divine power.
Although Elona and Obaihai are both natural and godlike at the same time, they have always been in conflict because of their different ideas.
Don’t say that they are as friendly as the god of horses, Skeleton. Even if there are believers in front of them, the other side will cause them unhappiness.
Therefore, Obaihai has never been to the kingdom of Elona.
Aside Novaray, it is also difficult to see Obaihai.
I don’t know whether to stop it or not.
But one side followed the oak father Sivanas and said that he had something to see Arona.
He also has to bring two people.
Elona also knew his difficulty and waved him away, ignoring Obai Hai.
Instead, Sivanas sat down and asked, "Dear father crown of oak tree, are you here to be the master of all animals?"
West vannas nodded, "it is because of him.
Of course, it is not just because of him. "
Elona frowned slightly and asked, "What’s your opinion?"
"As you said, my child, we and the Lord of beasts are very druids and should not be antagonistic.
Druid professional species were created by our hands.
Even if it is rooted in the power of the gods, I should be confident.
Druids are the crystallization of our wisdom and ability.
Now that it has grown into a towering tree, we should be happy. "
Sivanas looked at the three people in the temple like a loving father. "If you see it,
Druid’s professional ability has gone beyond its original scope in the hands of Druid God.
And the natural Tao has grown into a world tree in the main material world.
A tree that may replace the crystal wall world into a new world.