Virtual city people have deep feelings for magic mountain.

When the virtual city was not the virtual city now, it was the magic mountain that fed the city and nurtured it into the international metropolis now.
Even though the magic mountain later restricted the development of the virtual city, the people of the virtual city still loved the mountain.
It is precisely because this mountain is fresh in the virtual city.
It is precisely because of this mountain in the virtual city that the people are generous and enthusiastic and dare to embrace all changes.
Magic Mountain is like a virtual city mother.
Is this towering mountain going to be burned?
Everyone present seems to be pulling up.
Next to the fire scene headquarters has been set up.
Several man-machine planes rose and flew in the direction of Magic Mountain.
Xiang-an zhou and others rushed to the headquarters and looked at the picture.
Fire …
Fire …
There is fire everywhere!
A huge flame is raging, and the strong wind has burned several hills, and it seems to be a fire in sight.
Several fire planes flew around in vain, but they could hardly slow down the fire.
The magic mountain is very steep, even the mountain fire truck can drive into the top of the mountain. The firefighters are carrying fire-fighting equipment and marching towards the top of the mountain.
But the speed of fire spread and the huge shortage of manpower make people almost desperate.
Just then, a blue and white light appeared again in the sky and flew to the front of the flame.
"Small village!" Zhou Xiang ‘an was about to shout with excitement.
The manor bird’s two feathers are sharper than flying over large areas of local forests, and the fire was immediately stopped.
But this winter is too dry, and the fallen forest can’t stop the fire, dry trees and vegetation from being ignited in the strong wind.
The burning mountain forest is like a claw fish whose tentacles are cut off and stretched out one after another.
Zhuang is not far around the periphery of the mountain fire, but there is always a net. It is impossible for a person not far from the fish restaurant to stop this claw fish from burning like a mountain fire
"Let the fire plane follow Xiaozhuang to reinforce the isolation belt!"
"There are too few firefighting planes. Can you adjust two more? What? Gone? "
"Forestry department fire plane? Why is it gone? Where are so many budgets every year … "
Several commanders at the scene flew into a rage.
Just then, a liaison officer said, "It is reported that a special force trained nearby has been ordered to come to support."
"Xu Jianfei, the temporary commander-in-chief of the special training team, reported for duty." A stable baritone "We have arrived at the scene" came in the com.
"The scene? Where are you? I didn’t see you? "
"We are already at the scene of the fire."
"Do you have any fire fighting equipment? Please don’t rush to pay attention to Ann! "
"Don’t worry, we are prepared for everything."
"Do your special forces have a rescue plane?"
"No, we are training in ground warfare, but … we can support it in progress."
What kind of support is there without a plane?