However, this tricolor rhomboid is stuffed in an egg-sized alloy lead box and given back.

This let Xu back some unexpected size seems to have changed.
The front tricolor rhomboid is about the size of an egg, but it’s packed in an egg-sized box. This thing has shrunk?
"I just went to the test hall and had a short exchange. After that, it has been successfully colonized," Cai Shaochu said.
"Is it alive?"
"So to speak"
"Is it Ling Ding?"
"Yes" Cai Shaochu nodded again. "Just now, I have taken two safety measures, one of which is to put your spirit and my strength hierarchy. You should feel it.
You can detonate at any time, which is the ultimate safety measure.
However, this ultimate safety measure can’t kill Ling Ding to colonize into a tricolor rhombic body spirit.
Even if it colonizes, the main consciousness is very weak, relying on their bodies, that is, rhombic moments are extremely difficult to kill.
But this ultimate safety measure can consume all the energy of the other body in an instant and put it into a dormant state in an instant.
Remember this ultimate security measure, you don’t want it easily
Because this ultimate safety measure is that Ling Ding is now in the test hall, and it can consume all its energy to put it to sleep in an instant after it explodes inside the big guy.
Don’t be light unless you have to.
This is a one-off
I have just taught you the second safety measure. When you are finished, practice it and you can make it at any time as soon as you are familiar with it.
If he is disobedient or dishonest, you can always take care of him this way.
The third safety measure is to take this nano-honeycomb lead box with you and throw it in if you feel something is wrong, or you can go to a dark room if you don’t obey.
Rhomboid life is a kind of advanced life evolved in several years. After so many years of research, it is found that they like some elegant, quiet and comfortable living environment.
These characteristics are relatively things they hate, and you can explore them slowly. "
"I’ll give you an account of its most important function at present. This function may bring you a certain degree of convenience in this war of aggression and plunder. You can be cautious.
Ninety-nine percent of rhomboid life is a colony, and the protozoa like rhomboid tricolor rhomboid has a natural rank advantage for the colony, especially for its own colony.
Can you directly carry out remote positioning and white connection under the condition of having certain energy? "Cai Shaochu said.
Xu back dazed suddenly interrupted exclaimed, "principal, you mean I have this can be linked to my other players to a certain extent?