Indigo nodded and still looked after the small bags.

When Mammy Fang entered the room, she saw Linglong guarding her and asked, "Mammy, what’s up?"
Mammy Fang shook her head, and walk on by couch lifted the bedsheet.
There is a faint cloud burning in the room, sandalwood is always fragrant, and the autumn breeze blows in the curtain and gently shakes it.
The couch is covered with black hair and half of the couch is sleeping soundly.
Mammy Fang looked at it for a long time, and her complexion was ruddy, and she couldn’t see anything wrong.
Put the curtain at Linglong and nodded before going out.
And said to indigo naturalis, "How long has the Lord been sleepy?"
Indigo wanted to think, "Just these days, three or four days."
"The main day is coming. You stare at it. If you come from time to time, please ask Liang Physician to have a look." Liang Physician is Liang Youcai, and then she stuffed him into a hospital for Su Mian mothers.
"Hey, good!" The flowers of indigo naturalis are exposed, and the Lord should be pregnant and have two more children!
"Don’t remember one thousand didn’t not disappoint the Lord? How to return how "Fang Mammy also laughed.
"Ah know mammy behind these days? Is that noisy? " Indigo refers to Wan’s hearing that the handmaiden was punished at intervals.
"If you make trouble, you will be punished. It’s all her own handmaiden. Who cares if she wants to make trouble?" Fang Mammy said coldly.
"Mammy, we will take good care of the Lord." Qingdai laughed.
Fang Mammy replied and went back to the back.
After Su Mian wakes up, the horse will have supper.
After two small washes, they rushed over to ask for a hug.
Indigo and Albizia are busy hugging each other one by one, saying, "Don’t hug us all when you are so old."
Su mian didn’t take it seriously when she was confused. Anyway, the two are really heavy
Touch your head one by one and ask, "Have you read well today?"
"Have a good reading mother to eat meat!" Ming’ an eliao boulevard
"Niang Mingshou also eats meat." Mingshou also stretched out his little hand and said excitedly.
"Good" Sue cotton one kissed a way
Ming-an, two children, grew up with their little mother. It’s always a rule to eat. The only rule is that they like to pass something to adults.
But this is not the case now.
He sat on his own small bench, dangling his little finger and pointing to the dish he wanted. He held it for him and scooped it with a small spoon.
Ask Albizia to feed him if he can’t scoop up any food.
Mingshou’s disobedience was also used by the former wet nurse, but it was quickly corrected by Su Mian. Now both children are the same, and they generally don’t get everywhere.
And when you eat, you are actually full, and the handmaiden doesn’t chase after the feeding.
If you don’t eat or eat when you are younger, you won’t be fed, and you won’t be given snacks after meals.
In this way, you will not make trouble when eating slowly. After cultivating the eating rules, you will be healthy and strong first.