"The king has her all the time!

You are just a servant girl. How can you be confident that the king has you in his heart?
She was so sad that she couldn’t wait to scrape herself and beg her forgiveness!
And when you jumped off the cliff, the king was filled with resentment, but the reason was that the king was conceited and eventually believed that he would be assassinated!
Gulan, if you broke your legs and gave you to Lou Chen in person once you got to the present king’s heart?
How can you be confident? "
Burn old words than people are cold and harsh!
Gulan heard everything he said with his own ears, but he didn’t want to believe it!
She kept shaking her head in tears. "It’s not the elder brother of the dust, you’re lying! What you said is not true!
If you really don’t love me, what didn’t kill me and what made me hope to live! "
At this time, Gulan was in pain and looked at Huang Lao. Even as she spoke, she kept beating her legs!
She must face the fact that she has always been a third child and can’t bear to kill her!
Nai to burn old export words is to let GuLan pain again!
"The king didn’t kill you not because of loathe to give up!
But you ordered the king to leave it to her! "
Words fall burn old arrogance posture directly to Su Ling to hug the side!
With that arrogant look, he is arrogant and possessive. Anyone can see that Gu Lan is nothing but an ant in his eyes!
You ordered the king to leave it to her!
Leave it to her!
How ironic and cool thin’s words almost completely fell from the clouds to the bottom in that moment!
She looked at burn old hug Su Ling with cold eyes, like a pair of the most suitable couple before her!
This man was deeply imprinted on her mind in her youth!
She adores him, clings to him and tries to possess him!
Everything is just because of a word of love!
However, it was all over. Years ago, she was recalled by the Second Emperor in suspended animation, and the rear was in vain!
But she can’t forget and doesn’t want to forget!
It’s not because she still has him in her heart that she came through so many unbearable years!
She, they left for three years, and it was a rekindling of old feelings!
But now his most affectionate words have shattered all her hopes!
Gulan cried bitterly, even if it was freezing cold, she would never feel the cold again!