"Hum!" Knowing that the whirlwind ball is strange and bloody, it bursts out like a bomb like a mountain of qi, and it blows away the whirlwind ball like a typhoon in an instant, but Zhang Tao does not retreat but goes into "broken!" A sharp spiral sword with true qi pricks blood.

Seeing that his hands condensed the true qi, he actually controlled the spiral true qi in his palm, but it was obvious that he had miscalculated! Spiral Qi jumps up just like losing a wild horse. Although Luo blood flashes quickly, it is difficult to see a deep blood stain in the palm of your hand. When you taste Luo blood badly, you plan to retreat. Zhang Tao is in power and tide wait for no man to kick it in a roundabout way.
Luo blood arm block two points again, but this time Zhang Tao unscathed Luo blood is bloody hands "very good! How can you hurt me? Are you an idiot? "
Zhang Tao didn’t say much, but let the frost feather out of Luo blood. This time, the pupil contracted because he could clearly feel that the frost feather body was powerful. "Green Dan animals? How can you have such an animal? "
"Don’t worry, I will fight with you on my own strength." This sentence is very obvious. Zhang Tao let the frost feather sword chill and send out the fairy clouds
Luo Xue hey hey smiled and pulled out a long sword from behind regardless of the injury. Zhang Tao frowned slightly. This sword is about two and a half feet long. The blade is sharp and cold, like mercury flowing. The body of the sword has strange and complex inscriptions inlaid with perfect dark gold, which gives people a heavy sense of depression.
"This sword is called Magic Star, but it took me decades to build a sword to kill the enemy and drink tens of millions of blood to fight against the enemy and imitate the stars!" Two fingers gently stroking the sword body, the magic star actually quivered slightly, giving off a little bit of soul-stirring sword songs as if responding to the owner’s emotions.
Zhang Tao knows that this sword must be made of precious minerals, and Zhang Tao in the Palace of the Wild has also received many rare minerals. Naturally, he also plans to build a weapon himself, and Frost Feather can become a fighting partner.
"This sword is called Frost Feather, but it is my life and death partner incarnation sword! Slaughtering a demon’s corpse is like a mountain, killing a fairy and killing a god for nine days! " Zhang Tao will also cross the frost feather sword in front of his heart, and the fighting spirit will be strong and not weak.
"Ha ha ha!" Luo Xue didn’t continue to talk. The tip of the sword was filled with black gas. "Magic kill!" These black gases quickly formed a sharp black light "flashing!" It’s like the last command that the black light incarnates and the light comes straight at me.
Zhang Tao’s face is unchanged, and he moves with a single sword. "Love!" When things come out, they are called life and death! It can not only hurt the body and skin, but also leave an indelible scar deep in the heart.
"hmm?" In an instant, the deadly ultraviolet ray actually disappeared after struggling for a moment in the air, but the feeling of firm but gentle remained alone, as if the word of love had existed forever at the beginning of the chaos of all things that day.
Ding! Shock wave stung the magic star Luo blood face a change, although there is no great impact, but there is a fire that can burn the soul! "ah!" Luo blood eyes latosolic red, he finally realized a little crisis, and he has been facing death for a long time!
Love burns the body. What kind of pain is this? There is no scar on the outside, but the soul looks weaker than this moment! Luo Xue’s tenacious will seems to be blurred. This kind of sharp pain is deep. This kind of pain seems to remind you of the best first love, but you are cruelly crushed in front of you. The biting pain in your heart is by no means understandable to ordinary people.
Maybe you’re drunk, maybe you’re decadent all your life, maybe you’re in the grave, but you’re not suffocated, and the pain keeps repeating, but you’re not burned
Poof! Shock wave dissipates Zhang Tao is still tall and straight. On the other hand, Luo blood kneels like a beast, but it is also full of fatigue. Just the pain makes him very unbearable to close his eyes and sleep in the end, no matter if the sky were to fall, he doesn’t want to wake up because the world has no her!
"You let me hurt me and let you die!" Luo Xue never thought that he would be forced to this point, but the original playful ant drove him to the wall.
Chapter 48 Desperate counterattack
Luo Xue is not boasting that his magic star supports his body and barely stands up. The magic star has disappeared, and the magic gas has become more intense at this moment. It seems that Zhang Tao can hear his ears struggling to shout "Death is a line!" Gently waving a sword at this moment, the boundary between life and death is no longer blurred [/
A clear thin line appeared in front of Zhang Tao, as if stepping in the previous step was the grave, and taking a step back was the abyss. Only despair made people lose their desperate courage and only silently greet the death bus!
Hey! A thin line seems to have crossed Zhang Tao’s heart! At this moment, Zhang Tao clearly heard his heart beating plop plop! Gradually weak heartbeat and sleeping consciousness make Zhang Tao full of strength. Perhaps this time, he has really been able to save the day?
It seems that there is a crack in the seal of Zhang Tao’s body because of dying. Is it because the dark emperor left a trick when setting it up? However, this answer was soon denied. How could the Monster Tower giant leave a way out for a guarantor who can even protect his life?
Four kinds of heaven and earth cold finally broke out when they felt the master’s crisis. Although the seal was not lifted, Zhang Tao immediately felt his physical strength come back at this moment.
"What?" Luo Xue saw four strange ice crystals flying out and spinning around Zhang Tao, and Zhang Tao’s physical strength became bigger and bigger. This force seemed to be as frightening as crossing the critical line.
Luo blood stare big eyes. Is this another secret method? Or burning life? Otherwise, there will be such a powerful force? The seal was broken through a small hole, and suddenly the place that was attacked by Luo blood was constantly being repaired. Zhang Tao became more awake than ever at this moment. Looking at the distance, Luo blood suddenly appeared a little carefree.
This time, I came directly to Luo Xue and realized that Luo Xue was going to wave a sword, but I found my right hand stiff.
I don’t know when in the sky, I was scared by the cold ice rain and penetrated into my soul to freeze everything, but Zhang Tao withdrew the frost feather sword. This time, Zhang Tao almost lost everything because of Luo’s blood.
You must not let go of the blow and trauma you suffered in the battle so easily! Millicent suspense Zhang Tao a boxing in Luo blood Bilianggu suddenly click a great power to Luo blood bridge of the nose was dented to Luo blood suddenly feel black eyes.
Then Zhang Tao’s fist hit Luo Xue’s throat without hesitation, and Luo Xue’s eyes bulged out like a beast hummed before he died, and then his body wanted to huddle together like a shrimp.
Knock! A handful of blood in his right elbow broke. A simple combined attack made Luo lose his resistance ability. The original high position played with Zhang Tao. He had switched places with Zhang Tao in a flash. At this moment, he was the one who slaughtered the ant and was almost killed. Zhang Tao naturally would not forgive him. His fist kept falling like a storm.
But after just a few breaths, the hundred punches have greeted him. If it weren’t for Luo’s blood and true qi, he would have died, but hanging a breath is just an increase in pain, because Luo’s blood and body seem to be humanoid
The right hand grabbed Luo’s blood neck and lifted the mud. The sword in his hand couldn’t hold it and fell to the ground because it was too sharp and deep. # # # The ground left the hilt outside.
"You are over," Zhang Tao said lightly, but I have to admit that Luo blood is very strong. Unfortunately, he met his own Luo blood mouth and made some meaningful sounds. Finally, he popped up a sentence, "You, you, Tao Di, who?" Zhang Tao knew that he asked himself who it was because he was attacked too hard to speak.
"I am a nightmare to end your glorious life." Force a pinch of ice crystal eyeful and immediately put him through the frozen ice crystal inch by inch, and his body debris "seal will be restored again." Zhang Tao frowns and thinks that he almost died just now, and the cold of heaven and earth broke out and broke through the seal, and soon recovered. Now he has the power to disappear again.
Pick up two tokens and earn money. Looking into the Mixuta, the true qi spreads around like a flowing breeze in the distance. Killing at night is extremely depressing. Even if you restore most of your strength, Zhang Tao will feel it, but it is not difficult to find four people who have just abandoned themselves and even their own bait.
These four people actually fled separately after the different attacks. Obviously, they thought it would be more likely to be born this way, but because of this, their nightmare came.
Zhang Tao suddenly appeared in front of a person, and the breath of Tianshi hardly covered up. This person even saved his effort to avoid it, but when he saw that this person was one of his own, he immediately fuels and respects. "Do you have orders from your predecessors?" Peak Tianshi is definitely the overlord in this dark night killing!
But soon he respectfully turned to fear, because Zhang Tao changed so much that the former model returned to the model he knew, that is, to the pound!
"Is it you?" This man can simply combine this powerful martial artist with the one who should be killed now. Now it seems that this man is not dead. He dressed up as a pig to eat a tiger. Not only that, the other two Tianshi should be killed by him, but he is definitely not here to regroup with himself.
Thought of here, my heart # # # is now a little desperate. It turns out that he said that it is not stupid to ambush two Tianshi, but that others have strength, but they are themselves and others.
"before!" Before he finished speaking, Zhang Tao pointed to one point, and this person was killed immediately. In the same way, he killed three other people and then put their tokens into Misha Tower.
It’s been some time since I entered the night to kill, but there’s no news from the holy water of Yin pulse. This is a barren rocky area. When I look around, there are strange stones of different sizes, but these stones are khaki, which seems to be fragile at any time, but the fact is quite hard. It seems that there is no such stone in Dongyue mainland.
Zhang Tao has found an excellent hiding place, where strange rocks cover the sky and there are small caves around it. If you want to enter, you must ring to form a natural alarm.
Zhang Tao is hiding in the deepest part, dark, cool and pleasant, but it is very dark, but it just allows Zhang Tao to close his eyes and recuperate.