In washing his hands, the cold water leaked from the silver faucet dripped from the top of his head with a slight coolness, but this feeling made him feel comfortable.

With all the false decorations removed, the red fruit water tap is cold and ferocious, and the dragon tattoo is lifelike, like a crazy dragon roaring for nine days overlooking everything in the sky.
Exquisite green figure outside the luxury suite came tiptoeing from the carpeted corridor. Xia Xue bit her lip in high heels and laughed so hard that she found out that Wang Zun was in this room, so she made an excuse to leave the hall and secretly followed him. That man was really charming. She looked at it and moved her eyes.
Tarot cards say that if I have an affair today, it must be him. So this is the so-called love at first sight!
Wow, I didn’t wash my hands at the door and there was water. Great.
Xia Xue pushed the door softly and tried to sneak in, but was blocked by two black walls. Two black bodyguards looked at her coldly and covered her mouth before she could speak. She was put up and stuffed into the ladder.
When the ladder door was fast, Xia Xue saw a white figure coming out of another ladder and walking towards the room. I was not the only one, and … Evening.
It’s not sisterly of you to rob me of a man when you’re engaged. Hey, hey, hey, didn’t you see someone go in? Pretending to be blind? What, I don’t want her? Smelly Bao Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Surprised to see the dragon tattoo
Evening uneasy door hesitated to go in and wanted to think, or bit his lip and walked in gently.
From the first sight of Wang Zunxi, there was a feeling of deja vu, especially those eyes that were exactly the same as before.
Moreover, she also found resonance in his eyes, and she thought they might have known each other before.
She wants to know who he really is.
How did they make it before?
So she came to him for an answer.
One person in the room washed his hands, and the water was running, so that passers-by could not see that they had misunderstood each other, and the door was closed at once.
But she didn’t find a pair of long and narrow eyes staring at her at the corner of the corridor. When she saw her closing the door, a ray of freezing cold light emerged from those eyes.
Evening sitting room sofa waiting for hand washing water to stop waiting for the man to come out.
Listening to the slight sound outside, the king’s lips evoked evil spirits, smiling, and a ray of deep warmth emerged in Zhan Ze’s transparent black eyes. She really came, and even after drinking the water of forgetfulness, she still didn’t finish forgetting me.
She had feelings for me from the first moment!
This idea makes your father’s body and mind happy, and he looks at the deep tooth mark on his left shoulder. Even after two years, the mark is still so clear. At the beginning, she bit so hard and hated so deeply.
Does she still hate me now?
Walking out around the black towel, the water didn’t dry the clear water drops. His bronzed skin exudes a deceptive luster, his long hair is wet, his shoulders are strong, his body is spacious, his chest is evil, and his face shows his wild and unruly domineering spirit.
He’s like a piece of uncut Park Jade, immaculate and spotless, with Yuan Ye and natural kingliness!
And those bright and transparent ink eyes seem to become clearer and brighter after being washed with water, like gems that can still shine in the dark, and their luster will be extinguished forever with the method.
"Mr. Wang …" Evening heard footsteps turned around but looked at him with shocked stare big eyes.
He has a lifelike dragon …
Vividly wrapped around his whole body like a real dragon’s tail legs make public the dragon’s chest, just like the dragon in her dream …
Zun Wang Chui’s eyes glanced at his chest, where the ferocious dragon head was gaping like eating people. It seems that she was scared.
He put a black robe on the sofa and poured himself a glass of ice wine. After gulping it down, he looked at her deeply. "You wanted to see me?"
Evening is still staring at him, staring at his eyes with fear, and so is the dragon tattoo. It can’t be a coincidence that we must have known each other before.
"Who the hell are you?" Evening trembled with excitement and her body was shaky with weakness.
"You look very pale …" King Zun came over to hold the evening, but she resisted taking a step back to avoid his hand and asked excitedly, "Who are you? Who is it? "
"What do you ask? What do you remember? " Zun Wang looked at her deeply in situ, her expression was still calm, her eyes were indifferent as before, but her heart was already choppy and mixed.
"What do you mean? What can I remember? ….. "Evening hasn’t finished yet and I feel dizzy and weak.
Zun Wang Li immediately carried her to bed and covered her up. She was infatuated and stroked her delicate and pale face, which was perfect and fresh. This familiar feeling rippled from the bottom of my heart with a deep warmth.
"Please respect yourself" frown and move your face to avoid his touch.
"What is so weak? You should have a good life away from me. "He was not angry and looked at her with pity."
"What do you mean? Don’t … We … dated before? " Evening mood still some excitement.
She has always tried to recall the white memory two years ago, but she can’t remember anything except a deep sadness and grief. She doesn’t understand what happened in those three days that would make her break away and forget.
She really wants to know that white memory, which belongs to her, and no one can take it away.