The waves appreciate Mei Yufang’s coquetry from the mirror reflection while fighting hard.

Mei Yufang’s cheeks are flushed, her eyes are like silk, and her lips are slightly parted, which gives people a powerful temptation. Plus, her body is trembling, her clothes are messy, and her breasts are exposed, and her slim waist makes men want to stop. They have to ravage her before they are willing to give up.
The waves cut the gordian knot and then suddenly pulled out a pike after a good ravage.
Mei Yufang looked at the waves from the mirror with her eyes open.
The waves don’t talk, and turn Mei Yufang upside down, so that Mei Yufang can sit on the dressing table and turn them into face-to-face waves. In front of Mei Yufang, she lifts her legs and breaks into Mei Yufang’s body.
Now two people face to face and the waves see the expression on Mei Yufang’s face more clearly.
Look at this coquettish woman’s powerful attack, she gives off lewdness and groans, and there is a cruel, satisfied and strange smile on her lips.
His lips were kissed by Mei Yufang before his smile converged.
Mei Yufang is enjoying this unprecedented excitement and enrichment without opening her eyes.
Her body is stimulated by the shock wave of the waves, and her lips kiss the waves and enjoy the warmth of the waves.
The wave bracelet holding Mei Yufang’s waist is another storm.
Mei Yufang lay on her back gradually. Her hands clung to the waves, her shoulders, her cheeks flushed like dyed lips, and she murmured.
The waves know that Mei Yufang has arrived.
He showed the last round of sprint, which can be described as flying sand and stones. The color of heaven and earth changed, and Mei Yufang got carried away and groaned. Her hands caught the waves tighter and she lay back more severely.
When a great pleasure came, the waves took root deeply and Mei Yufang poured into the sea of Wang Yang.
This hot heat wave hit Mei Yufang. After lying on her back, she lay on her makeup mirror like a fish out of water, trembling and panting.
The waves still stay in front of Mei Yufang, and Mei Yufang’s body is also breathing slightly.
The whole process was silent, violent and elegant. Neither of them said a word, but they cooperated with each other in an unusual tacit understanding, as if they had rehearsed it many times.
After a while, Mei Yufang looked up and silently glanced at the waves. There was a complicated expression in her eyes, and more of it was a woman who looked at her to satisfy a man. The expression was slightly shy and affectionate.
She didn’t speak but kissed the waves.
The waves also kissed Mei Yufang.
Mei Yufang’s nose is slightly hooked, which makes men who want to kiss her have to slightly side their faces to kiss her lips better. This amorous feelings makes men have an unspeakable pleasure and sweetness.
After two people kissed deeply and sweetly, Mei Yufang opened her eyes and stared at the face of the waves near at hand.
The male glory of the waves still stays in Mei Yufang’s body, but at this time it is suddenly extracted. At the same time, he extracts the male glory and his face becomes cold and gloomy, showing his emotional personality!
Looking at the gloomy waves, Mei Yufang suddenly felt that she had failed, because from beginning to end, the wave control bureau controlled her emotions step by step, tempting her to slide into the abyss, while he was very calm and could get out of it.
-originally not seduce him but he seduce himself!
Mei Yufang thought of this and felt that she had never failed since she made her debut. The waves have no nostalgia for her body. How can she carry out a one-step plan?
Of course, she still has many tricks to make men want to die more than heaven, but watching the expression on the waves won’t give her this chance again!
She suddenly hated herself for letting the waves get to her too early-but can she master it? It has always been the waves that control her emotions and tease her * *!
The waves are very chic. Put the male glory back in his pants, tie up his belt, tidy up his clothes, wash his hands on the sink, and he never moves in an orderly way, showing that he is an orderly, calm and confident man.
Mei Yufang sighed faintly, straightened up from the makeup mirror and jumped to tidy up her clothes. Her heart was full of a sense of loss. Now she has no confidence to persuade the waves to join hands with Chen Jinqiang.
After the waves washed their hands, they calmly glanced at Mei Yufang and suddenly smiled.
Yu-fang mei also smiled a little bitter.
The waves suddenly said, "When are we going to see Chen Jinqiang?"
Mei Yufang paused for a moment without responding, then came to eat for nothing and said, "You … you … you guessed?"
The waves laughed and said, "I can throw my hand and ignore you because you think I’m stupid. I’ll be rude to you, but I can go and meet him if Mr. Chen is willing to let me fuck his woman."
Mei Yufang nodded and said, "Okay, okay, let’s go now."