Everyone was really taken aback.

This kind of news is extremely confidential. If it is true, it may be checked by the water meter.
"True or false" Zhang Junjie asked in disbelief.
"Listen to my dad said it should be really suspicious" Sun Zhiping argued.
A classmate suddenly realized, "Oh, I am completely understood, which means that the second disease needs white dragon beard to be cured, right?"
Another student gave a different opinion: "How can senior leaders with such developed medicine believe in ancient books?"
"Yes, not to mention that white dragon beard is more effective than modern medical means, even if it is effective?" Someone echoed
Zhang Junjie asked at this time, "What’s the condition of No.2?"
"How do you say? My dad is not sure whether what the man said is true or not. I heard that it is a resting disease. When it doesn’t come on, it’s very clear that you can’t move your body and your eyes can move. "
A classmate said quickly, "I know a scientist who is called contemporary Einstein in astrophysics. What’s his name again? I forgot that he just lies in a wheelchair all day and specializes in making high-tech equipment so that he can control a special device with his eyes. It’s very famous to communicate with people."
"But it’s different that he is permanent, not resting." Sun Zhiping has a wide range of experiences.
Zhuo Qiang said, "That’s no wonder. It seems that modern medicine is indeed a cure for this disease, and we can find a good prescription from the long history books in the summer."
"Yes, yes," Sun Zhiping said hastily when he saw Zhuo Qiang put aside the past. "Yes, it is because of this that they moved a lot of manpower for a short time to find this prescription in ancient books, but it is a pity that it was found, but this medicine is too rare."
Then he eagerly looked at Zhuo Qiang and said, "If you catch that fish, it’s really a little white dragon, then we all have to follow Brother Qiang to make a living."
Zhuo Qiang didn’t care much about it, even if he didn’t have a white dragon beard, it wouldn’t be too difficult to cure disease No.2.
More than 58, there is a way to plot.
The first volume of voyage ]58 There is a way to engage in conspiracy.
58 has a way with yn.
The word "Dongfeng" used to be a very common word, but it must be of great significance to be said so solemnly by Zhuo Qiang at this time.
Recently, the word "Dongfeng" belongs to a hot word, Dongfeng Pirates Group, which moves eastward and westward into the South China Sea. lng even the United States avoids Mozambique. Almost every summer person has heard of this name.
In the most active period of Dongfeng Pirates, Zhuo Qiang was just not in Nanxi. Although Zhang Junjie couldn’t believe it, he had to face the fact.
Real Zhang Junjie didn’t think much about Zhuo Qiang’s saying the word "Dongfeng" and he should know what the truth is.
"So …" At this time of Zhang Junjie, I really want to pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming or listening to wrong.
But reason told him that it was really wrong.
Zhuo Qiang nodded slightly, and the military represented by Tang Jinguang must have doubted himself by this time, so it would be nothing for his best friend to know.
J went to Zhang Junjie for many years, which was the only friend he could trust. Plus, the two of them are a glorious partner, and Zhang Junjie will never betray him.
Even if he is being betrayed, he is wearing protective clothing at all times, and his safety is very high. The protective helmet is always carried by Liu Xiaolei or bodyguards around him. In case of emergency, he can wear a helmet at the shortest time, and the general fire root can’t hurt him.
Although Zhuo Qiang didn’t have superb skills and strong physique, he was invulnerable with two guns, but he could stick to it for a while in LinYu.
Then, when his bodyguard or Zeng Guo arrives, his horse can play the super-classic drama of Jedi counterattack.
However, this is only an assumption, and the probability of such a bad event is very small.
Zhang Junjie naturally didn’t want to betray Zhuoqiang. The stronger Zhuoqiang becomes, the more powerful Zhang Junjie will be.
It never occurred to Zhang Junjie that the leader of the Dongfeng Pirate Group, who was running rampant in the South China Sea and made the navies of various countries frightened, would be Zhuo Qiang, the iron buddy in front of him.
No wonder Zhuo Qiang didn’t show much enthusiasm for the No.2 leader. This is because his own strength has reached a certain height, and external assistance has become a decoration rather than a decisive factor.
Dare to sneak attack on the naval base of Japan and the United States, but no one has dared to do it for decades, and Zhuo Qiang not only did it, but also let the United States raise a white flag to give up retaliation and give up the South China Sea, a very important strategic location.
This ability is impossible even for a military power.
How on earth did Zhuo Qiang do all this? Where did he get these powers?
Although Zhang Junjie has a brain full of doubts, Zhuo Qiang won’t ask if he doesn’t say it. Since he has told such a big secret, it is enough to believe in himself absolutely.
"This is really great." Zhang Junjie couldn’t say anything at this time. What can he say except keep saying yes?
"In addition, you should find someone to advertise in the newspaper shop named Dongfeng. The bigger the scope, the better," Zhuo Qiang added.
"Well, this is easy to do. The advertisements in newspapers and magazines are not too expensive, but they can be bombarded on a large scale. It’s just that Huaan real estate is done together." Although it’s not what Bai Zhuoqiang did, Zhang Junjie still readily promised.
After discussing the right thing, Zhuo Qiang didn’t leave Zhang Junjie’s house to talk more, because the new house didn’t even have a place to sit. Let’s talk about it later
It was already late at night after seeing Zhang Junjie off. Zhuo Qiang took a few people out of en in a hurry and found a hotel to stay and have a good rest.
The next day, after hung, Zhuo Qiang had breakfast and went to the furniture city to keep stuffing all kinds of furniture into the new house.
When it was near noon, Zhuo Qiang followed a furniture-pulling car home to wait for the traffic lights. He heard the driver in a car next to him say, "My bonus this month is over. Today, it’s really unlucky. The car just crossed the road and met a young man. Did I see him? Who knows that he lied to lie down and ground for a long time and lost two thousand dollars. Then he let me go. What did you say, I can’t recite today? Did you have an accident with your car today? Broke somebody else’s porcelain? Ah, lost him 12 thousand? Is it true or not? Worse than me? What’s going on today? This is "
Zhuo Qiang almost didn’t laugh. Zhang Junjie’s efficiency is really fast. It’s really interesting to say something last night and implement it this afternoon
At the same time, many identical and different scenes were played in various places and at various times in Nanxi.
When an employee of Huaan Real Estate bought breakfast, he accidentally bumped into a young man with soy milk and was beaten by several people.
On the internet, an employee who took a break from Huaan Real Estate stepped on a person’s foot in the aisle and was pulled out, and his face was bleeding. It seems that he needs to rest for a few more days before he can leave the en class.
On the street, two young employees of Huaan Real Estate were beaten into pig heads by five good citizens because they had a fight with a melon vendor.
And a beautiful nv employee of Huaan Real Estate is even more unlucky. She took a look at a young handsome guy and was scolded by the fox jng by nv beside the handsome guy. As soon as she returned the sentence, the horse was caught by the other party and almost even ku was pulled.