"You …"

The black man’s eyes are already full of angry flames, which muzzle Gu Jin’s hand. Unconsciously, he may be worried that he has hurt her and deliberately loosened it. The tearing pain in his chest is getting worse and worse. Finally, he can’t bear to turn around and take a deep breath. "Girl, you take good care of yourself and I’ll see you another day!"
He didn’t dare to stay any longer, for fear that if he stayed a moment longer, he could not help but choke her.
"Ha ha good!" Looking at the black man’s almost defeated and fleeing back, Gu Jinxi raised his hand and held his chest; Blunt and dull pain gradually dispersed in the throat, and a red and sweet tongue tasted bloody taste; Open your mouth and pour out a note of blood. She hummed. Not yet away from the black man, his eyes suddenly stared at the woman in white who was leaning against the bed with a little scarlet on her chest; The blood on the corners of the mouth that has not yet been wiped away is almost pale and the face looks even more shocking. "Girl!"
The man in black suddenly turned around and unconsciously came to Gu Jinxi with almost instant luck. When he grasped Gu Jinxi’s hand and felt her pulse, his eyes suddenly widened. "How did this happen when his heart was seriously injured?"
"Ha ha ha" Gu Jin sunseeker is laughing like that with a thick cool thin and revenge. She lifted her eyes and looked at the man in black stupefied. "What about you? Have you ever passed? "
In front of him is Aunt Liu’s back. If he really loves himself, that’s good. Giving up his shabby body can find out the truth behind Gu Su’s family and the real plot behind him, which is not a waste of this life. Who can know whether he really loves or is plotting something for himself?
"…" The man in black seems to be looking at Gu Jin sunseeker with a stare blankly.
"Wow!" Gu Jin sunseeker prone bed mouth is a note of blood gush out; Her face is still smiling, and the whole person is weak. She has no strength to argue with the man by the bedside, and her eyes are slightly closed.
"You …" The man in black was so angry that he hated that he couldn’t pinch Gu Jinxi to death. You can see whether she is soft-hearted, angry and distressed. Think of what the bottom of the eyes quickly crossed with a look, raised my hand and pulled Gu Jinxi’s palm. A warm airflow gradually spread along the palm toward the limbs. It seems that even Gu Jinxi suffered from chest tightness. Only when he opened his eyes, he saw that the man’s exposed face was getting pale. It seemed as if he felt something. She quickly changed hands and took a male pulse. His heart sank. Was he hurt?
The man in black, however, seems to have paid no attention to Gu Jinxi’s small movements and devoted himself to Gu Jinxi’s input to suppress her heart pulse injury. From the bosom, I took out a jade box with white cold fog, and fed it to Gu Jinxi, which was glittering and translucent, emitting red light like a jewel, without giving her the slightest chance to resist. Even before Gu Jinxi came to taste the fruit, it slipped down the throat and then the warm breath gradually spread from the lower abdomen to the limbs, as if there was a mysterious airflow from the abdomen.
"You …" Gu Jin sunseeker eyes wide stare that is … said Zhu Guo? If a martial artist can add a armor, he is an ordinary person and can keep fit. He gave it to himself?
The man in black raised his hand with heavy eyes and nodded Gu Jinxi’s sleeping point. Before Gu Jinxi completely lost consciousness, he heard the man almost sigh. "Girl, you have a good rest. Everything has me!"
Outside the door, the man who was also dressed in black looked ugly and turned to look at the cold jade box in the house. His eyes suddenly widened. "Did you give Zhu Guo to Miss Gu?"
"This is not something you should ask." The man in black looks ugly. He can’t let go of Gu Jinxi’s heart injury. Blunt pain keeps waking up there.
"But ye that yourself …" Is like male words not finished; Black man clutching his chest throat scarlet sweet corners of the mouth have been bright red blood flow out; The moonlight shining against the jade mask is particularly shocking. With the male eyes staring behind him, I quickly took the first two steps to help the crumbling black man. "Are you okay?"
The black man’s eyes are slightly squinted, and if there is a coldness, "Go back to the house!"
"…" Male brow slightly frowning "but you …"
"I said go back to the house!" The man in black has a heavy voice. He is not proud and lonely as before, but he is full of darkness and rage. It seems that the most dense darkness in the world will cover everyone.
When the man came back to Wangfu with the help of the man in black, Xue Haixian, the housekeeper of Wangfu, was in a daze and immediately stepped forward to help. "Why did I come back now? It’s not that Toffee is there …"
"Hum ye won’t come, you’ll be proud." The black man’s eyes are round and stare at a jade mask, which is not Qin Rui; His face is dark, where there is Gu Jin sunseeker’s overbearing and lazy appearance; That constantly exudes coolness, which makes everyone around me stiff, and even the atmosphere is afraid to be born, for fear that this anger will burn to myself; "john young? Call me john young! "
Similarly, pulling a black mask and sinking a star swept to Xue Hai’s fundus with a thick disapproval.
"Ye john young he …" Heavy star Ru lips almost awkward but how all can’t say it.
"How did you die?" Qin Rui raised his hand on the soft couch, slapped the table hard and gave a loud drink. "Even if it is, bring the body to the king!"
"It’s a negative report that asks you to surrender your sin!"
The words sound just fell and two people holding john young, dressed in white and often pale, pushed two people to the ground as soon as they collapsed, but he choked back his knees and seemed to have taken up fine sweat on his forehead because of pain; Qin Rui glared at john young’s face and was furious. "How did you promise Wang?"
"I don’t blame john young for this matter." Heavy star was anxious for the first two steps and wanted to find out john young’s physical injury, but was stopped by john young’s hand. "It is unfinished and I am willing to be punished."
Shen Xing heard the words and his eyes were wide open. "john young, you are crazy!"
Don’t you know what punishment it is to punish all those who haven’t finished? He’ll die if he goes in this picture, even if he doesn’t last half an hour. He’s not pleading guilty or begging for death!
Beside Xue Hai can’t see his brow frowning slightly. "It’s no wonder that Manager Ye Yang was seriously injured …"
Xue Hai suddenly felt thin before he finished his words, followed by weightlessness, and then his back slammed into the rockery throat outside the house, and a note of blood gushed out.
"Don’t do those little things behind your back. I don’t know." Qin Rui stared at Xue Hai coldly, and the corners of his mouth were slightly hooked. How dare you persuade your sister to give false news? Why do you want to take the position of master instead? "
Xue Hai heard the words, and suddenly his heart was shocked. He endured chest pain and knelt down on one knee. "I dare not!"
"Dare not? Hum you still have what dare not "Qin Rui corners of the mouth slightly with eyes glowing if there is a position" collusion Xia Liang break my Qin Rui posterior? How did john young get hurt? Don’t say you don’t know? " Although john young’s martial arts is not at its peak, it is impossible to hurt him easily. If you don’t know his martial arts skills and his weakness, john young’s martial arts may be exaggerated, but it will definitely not be like this. However, he still knows that Shen Xing went to Hengwu Garden and now Gu Jinxi can’t stand the toss and didn’t seek medical treatment from Gu Jinxi.
Xue Hai bowed his head and hung his heart fiercely. "It’s an injustice, please examine me."
"wronged? Haha, "Qin Rui was already furious, brimming with pain in his chest and wounds. Before tapping his toes, he grabbed Xue Hai’s neck and leaned forward." Really, the king didn’t dare to kill you, did he? "
"I am angry!" Fan-qiang Yang walked with a body corners of the mouth have scarlet constantly slip out.
Heavy star looked at kneeling john young rage Qin Rui stiff neck dead duck mouth shut Xue Hai heart is already in a hurry, now the government has no doctor, my grandfather forced to break through the line of defense, and he was seriously injured when he came back. If it affects the body and poison, once it is suppressed, the consequences will be serious.
"I dare not!" Xue Hai dare not look Qin Rui in the eye.