After listening to Ye Han’s words, Yan Xin felt that his behavior was shameful and busy, and he stretched out his hand and blocked his key. Then he gave Ye Han a blush.

"That … cold brother my clothes are broken by you. You see …"
Looking around, Yan Xin is difficult again. Where can there be complete clothes except some pieces of clothes in the room?
Shook his head Ye Han hit his belongings Yu Pei casually took out a set of women’s clothes and threw them to Yan Xin, and then found a set for himself to wear.
"All right!" Wear good clothes Ye Han finally left the heart messy took a deep breath and said
Inflammation hin nodded, this moment also has a good outfit.
"Cold brother, can you tell me? What the hell is going on here? "
Secretly glanced at Ye Hanyan hin face still blushing is a face of vacant asked.
"ah? What’s going on? Isn’t that the case? "
Eye consciousness inflammation Xin body stay for a while Ye Han a face of disdain said
"I said that’s not it. I mean, what’s wrong with my body?"
Initially found the misunderstood feeling that Yan Xin’s cheeks are blushing and busy correcting his meaning.
"Oh, you mean this!"
Ye Han know perfectly well past ask, but I didn’t expect Yan Xin to be so serious, so I consciously replied.
"I don’t really know, but now I know that you have officially become a star family and have pure star vitality!"
Hesitated for a moment, and then looked at Ye Han with inflammation and pleasure, which made the answer.
But his answer is obviously a little rough, but it is also the best explanation he can give. After all, for now, he has not understood all the reasons.
He didn’t know anything about what happened before, but he explained the present situation by law before he passed out.
But one thing he can be sure of is that there are other ways to transform nine planets’s vitality into stars, not Qi Jiuxing.
And this method is what happened in the previous coma.
But unfortunately, he was unconscious before, and he didn’t know what happened.
Just then Ye Han seems to have found some anomalies from himself.
I have been immersed in my mind for a long time before, and I got the star element. I didn’t come to explore my physical condition except knowing that I had recovered the star element
Now, if you look carefully again, Ye Han is shocked by his body inflammation. How can the stars in the jade flute suddenly become so rare?
Consciousness drives him to force the jade flute out of his body and shake hands.
"Is it this jade flute?"
Slightly took one look at the hands of phlogistic cold jade flute Ye Han immediately one leng immediately seems to have thought murmured again.
"I remember that my stars were continuously sucked away by you, and then I passed out, but then I seemed to feel that the body inflammation and cold jade flute suddenly disappeared!"
Inject a seal into the middle leaf of Yan Han Yu Xiao and observe the changes in Yu Xiao while speaking.
After listening to Ye Han’s remarks, Yan Xin had doubts in her heart, but she had to nod her head. She had been in a coma before, and she also knew all this.
"I seem to be white!"
Check for a while Ye Han first yuan knowledge from phlogistic cold jade flute back to a face of smile and said
Yan Xin suddenly looked at Ye Han silently when he heard this, and then said, "Brother Han, what did you find?"
"You watch!"
Ye Han didn’t answer. He threw the jade flute in his hand and directly hung the roof through the house.
And Ye Han also took Yan Xin’s hand and rushed out of the door.
When I came to the middle of the outer court of the house, the cold took Yan Xin and flew directly to the roof of the jade flute.
At this time, the jade flute has been covered with a star enchantment to cover the whole jade flute.