"They bullied my woman’s office. Zhang came here today to get back justice," Zhang Tao said coldly.

One of the gods in "Zhang" was about to speak. Zhang Tao looked at him with a sharp eye and let him swallow his words back. "Call me an adult" [
"Don’t go too far, God King. What other adults are there?" This man of God is obviously not angry with Zhang Tao, but he doesn’t continue to struggle. "Although we have some disputes with your woman, it is your site after all. We didn’t do too much. Are you so aggressive?"
"You speak hurtful also moved if it weren’t for the yellow god king place they wouldn’t be bullied by you? If you all want to apologize to them with me, "Zhang Tao said coldly.
"Ha-ha, Zhang Gong, I don’t think it’s necessary. Look at them. They have a heart to apologize. Let’s just forget it. It’s a friend, isn’t it?" At this time, Tianhe God King spoke out, but Zhang Tao’s eyes were a condensate "No, you must apologize."
"Zhang Tao, how dare you disobey the Lord God?" This group of gods will see that Zhang Tao was so arrogant and immediately climbed up the arrogance. "Zhang Tao is better than giving the king a face. I will also restrain my hand in the future." Tianhe God King walked over and said that the smile became a little cold.
"If the Lord God didn’t give you a face, they would die. I saw them and I made a move." Arrogant! Such arrogant words make everyone dumbfounded, but the other party is the king of God.
If you don’t hear Zhang Tao, King Tianhe laughs stiffly, and then slowly becomes dull. Although it looks cool, everyone knows that he is angry.
"Zhang Tao doesn’t have the Yellow God King to protect you, so you can be confused." This time, the Tianhe God King is incredibly close to the surface. You can’t see that the Tianhe God King is smiling and approachable. But the fact is that you dare not pretend to be a gentleman face to face.
"Tianhe King of God, don’t rely on your status as King of God to seniority. I can’t believe you dare to deal with me personally." Zhang Tao is also a ChiRuanBuChiRen Tianhe King of God, since he dares to threaten Zhang Tao, what is there to fear?
This sentence angered the Tianhe God King, and it was the first time that anyone dared to talk to him like this. "Very good, Zhang Tao. Today, the king will let you go back and forth even if he doesn’t kill you." After that, Tianhe God King resumed his smiling face and said, "Wang can give you a chance."
"I don’t know what the opportunity is, Tianhe God King, please enlighten me." Zhang Tao knew that he wouldn’t let himself live easily and he didn’t know what problems would come out to spite himself.
"The King of God’s Adult" heard that Tianhe King of God was willing that these gods would be a little uneasy, but Tianhe King of God’s eyes were full of chill. Suddenly, these gods were silent and covered in cold sweat. The eyes of God King were much more powerful than Zhang Tao’s.
"You are also the peak god now, and you will become the king of God anytime and anywhere. When the time comes, you will be reborn, but there is a saying that the sky will fall more than the people, and you must first work hard. So today, even if the king gives you a problem instead of the day," said Tianhe King of God.
Zhang Tao sneer at heart say so grandiose real eye is to spite yourself? "If you can pass this test, then I’ll make them apologize." Tianhe God Chapter 959 One enemy three
See Zhang Tao so vowed to tianhe god king sneer at a he is not afraid of Zhang Tao renege big deal himself to kill is to believe that the yellow day god king can’t just because of a Zhang Tao and his deathless endlessly? "Very well, Zhang Tao is not the kui is the most important person in recent times. It really is courageous. In this case, I will tell you [I have three gods in my hand. If you can defeat the three of them with one hand, then the king will stop asking."
The words of Tianhe God King made Zhang Tao’s eyes narrow, one enemy and three enemies? And it’s still the gods who will make things difficult for people, just like a woman telling a man that if she wants me to marry you, she will pick the stars for me, because everyone knows that you can’t do history, and absolutely no one can deal with three gods alone unless you are the king of gods.
And the original also worried that they would not live. When the gods heard this condition from Tianhe God King, the stone suddenly fell to the ground. Look at Zhang Tao’s eyes and become gloating.
"Such as Zhang Tao? Now you regret it, "said Tianhe God King with a smile. His eyes are full of contempt.
"I won’t regret it. If I kill your hand too hard, I hope you don’t feel bad." Zhang Tao’s tit-for-tat made the eyes of Tianhe God King flash cold light again. "Good, then let’s try it." Tianhe God King also came to the fire. Zhang Taoshi was too arrogant [
Seeing the Tianhe god king close his eyes seems to be a secret message to someone. Obviously, these gods will practice closing most of the time on weekdays.
Soon Zhang Tao felt that three powerful smells appeared in different directions, and at the same time, they approached here rapidly. Zhang Tao’s eyes were full of clothes, and he was just going to be one enemy and three gods all day. This is obviously a huge challenge.
The first person to step into the temple of God is a lean man, who looks as if he is seven feet tall and his bronze muscles are as indestructible as King Kong. Seeing that his hands are wrapped in thick chains and he is carrying a huge mace behind his back, this momentum alone can make many people tourist trap.
This man is named Wolf King! Smell is the most senior hand of Tianhe God King. The God will be powerful and grumpy. It used to seem that he was still fighting with the enemy of God King, but he was alive, which reflected his strength.
The second man is very ordinary, and his eyes are not so sharp. His right hand with a blood-red short thorn seems to make people smell blood, but it seems that there is something wrong with this man walking, but it is really impossible to tell what is wrong in the end.
This man is called scorpion tail, a killer and all enemies, thorns and nightmares. Many people are sleepless at night because of his staring, and finally they are driven crazy.
The last appearance was actually a woman, but Zhang Tao didn’t look down on her because of this. This woman looks handsome and lovely, but it’s not absolutely beautiful. She has two daggers in her willow waist. The colors are silvery white and lux, which represent two extremes. Her hair is also silvery white and lux, which is very dazzling.
This name is promiscuous! Her name is not her original name, but no one knows what her original name is, and people know her. It can be said that her intelligence gods are rare, and it is learned that her intelligence people have been silenced. This person is also absolutely dangerous. Even one of these three people is enough to make Zhang Tao nervous. Three people?
At this time, the expression of schadenfreude among the surrounding gods becomes more obvious, so that the three powerful gods will join hands, even the king of gods should be taken seriously, right?
"Is it your intention to ask the three of us to come at this time?" Scorpion’s tail speaks and asks
Although they all noticed that there seems to be something wrong with the atmosphere here, "Oh? Hehe, there is no big deal to let you out for activities. "Tianhe God King smiled and then said Zhang Tao and the three of them had a fight bet.