Here, the two servants are smiling, and indigo naturalis looks like the bottom of the pot in the front yard.

Han Yun side is also don’t look good.
Liang Youcai didn’t notice that he kept talking. "Fang Mammy has a lot of knowledge. This can really make people angry and crazy, but there must be a guide. That is, wine is not good for urging people not to drink when they see wine. If the smell of wine is mixed, it will urge people to stick to their scalp. Su Fangfei will not be affected!"
"It’s really vicious! The Mid-Autumn Festival banquet is mainly a sudden madness … Now the Queen Mother is trying to find the Nine Emperors’ Mansion. If this is not the case, it is not good to plead! You can’t run away with a beating! If the main reason is crazy, don’t be outspoken … That … "Indigo is not angry.
"This thing will be fine once it is cooked. It’s hard to find pineapple grass. It’s hard to meet after avoiding it!" Liang Youcai has some regrets. He still wants that.
"Boil?" Indigo glared at this. Can you cook it?
"Put the vinegar in the pot and burn it. Just put it in. What medicine will be solved?" Liang Youcai said seriously.
"Do you have to wear this?" Han Yun has been a’ Mr. Zhang’ for many years. How can he not understand the backyard privacy? I have to wear it when I find it, which is also a little …
"Lord mean to wear the Lord have their own plans? You are quick to say, can you cook it? " Indigo urgent way
"yes! I can’t give you my head! " Liang Youcai said impatiently that she was the only one who had much to do. He was an imperial doctor! Can you still be uncertain about this?
"As if the temple came back" Han Yun suddenly got up and said.
Indigo and Liang Youcai glanced at Indigo. I’m not sure. The Lord didn’t say anything about telling the temple. What should we do now?
Haven’t thought it over, the three of them were carried to Yan Gui along with the hairpin.
Han Yun said a few words about the situation, and Yan Gui didn’t look good because of fatigue. Now it’s completely dark.
"Liang Youcai you go and deal with this thing, please come to the side princess," Yan said.
High winds should be a yes and went straight to Hatsune Hatsune.
Now when the Nine Emperors Hall says a side princess, they will automatically bring it into Su Miansu’s side princess! Sorry, I can’t remember the other one.
Su Mian changed into a white dress with a cloak of the same color on the outside, and there was a circle of fox fur on the side of the cloak. She looked at fluffy and was very cute, but her hair was not combed properly, so she hung her hood and went to the front yard.
See the Yan returned before Yan returned to talk, just like Ruyan returned to the nest and ran a few steps into Yan’s arms. "You can count back meowed …"
Yan Gui paused and hugged her "Don’t cry at the temple."
Su Mian looked up and still whined, but where was a tear? Where can I see a trace of sadness? "People are afraid of being good or bad!"
She dia dia hug yan to waist way
Yan to relax at the same time, but more distressed to touch her head and said, "Well, I’m not afraid of the temple. I won’t call Mianmian an accident." But my heart is a little scared.
The thing today is that her handmaiden is clever and loyal, or she doesn’t know what will happen.
"After eating, ask Liang Youcai to check it again. Your handmaiden is a good reward for her." Yan Gui said.
Su Mian pursed her lips and looked at Yan Gui with a squint as soon as she bit her finger.
"Mianmian, don’t be such a temple to help you vent your anger." Yan Gui was embarrassed. Chapter 65 Then spoil my concubine.
"Why don’t you spoil my concubine hard and don’t take it out?" Su Mian said seriously.
Yan Gui was stunned by her gift, so it’s better to look at her.
"When I keep a low profile, I just can’t get up in the temple. I don’t see anyone and I don’t go to the temple to inquire after we leave Beijing." Su Miandao
Yan Gui can’t help but be somewhat moved. At this time, Mu Wanting is wonderful. She can always see the facts clearly.
"Mianmian is the most sensible temple. Don’t worry," said Yan Gui, holding her chair
"Well, I should be under pressure when I enter the palace. Oh, I don’t want to be bullied." Su Mian poked a swallow and returned to her chest.
"Good temple must take good care of Mianmian and call Mianmian happy." Yan looked at Su Mian with eyes full of spoil.
Little man’s nest, his arms are pink and lovely, and he is still a charming person. How can he be willing to make her wronged? In this way, a woman should be loved and spoiled.
"Hey, I want to be a little woman who knows nothing, but the little woman around the temple has no way out!" Sue cotton half-truths complaining about pulling Yan to a wisp of black hair way
"The temple also don’t know you? It is not a law-abiding "Yan Guidao,
Su Mian will stand up straight to refute where she is restless.
However, Yan Gui put a hand on the back of her head. "The temple likes cotton and cotton restless." This is what he likes, like a painting that he can never get tired of.