The Fifth Princess looked at Nangong Obsidian with accusations.

"Get up."
The faint sound made the nurse’s back wet and hurried to one side.
Feng Chen Yuan sighed, "Your mother princess is a very beautiful woman, and she is as beautiful as you. She was killed not by you but by this palace that eats people and doesn’t spit bones."
The picture of mother princess’s death makes Feng Chenyuan have an urge to destroy this golden cage every time I think about it. How many shady activities are there on this seemingly flowery surface?
"san huang brother, what’s wrong with you? What looks so sad? "
Say that finish five princess took out a candy chubby little hand from the bosom and handed it to Feng Chen Yuan through the fence and said, "Brother san huang, when I don’t care, I just eat a candy, so I will give it to you."
Feng Chen Yuan’s eyes trembled and took over the thing that had always been very disgusting. Chapter 1914 Who would do this to such a child?
The sweetness spread in his mouth made him feel that it was not so bad.
"Ah …" The Fifth Princess felt like falling apart and rolled around in pain. "It hurts …"
This great change made Nangong Obsidian and Phoenix Dust Deep shake the fence and hold the pale princess.
"My second brother, brother san huang, I feel so painful …" Yincui gorge’s little face has long been covered with tears, and her brow is tightly wrinkled with pain, and she is as pale as a piece of paper.
The two men were shocked and didn’t see the contact between the five princesses. What happened?
Flint like two people at the same time twist a head to stare at the only touched fence!
The wet nurse has long been too scared to know what to do …
At the moment, the two men have long forgotten that they are still prisoners, and the Nangong Obsidian disappeared with Wu Gongzhu in her arms.
Phoenix dust deep after chasing …
The cold wind was puzzled when he saw his return and touched the child in his arms.
"Lord, what’s the matter with you?"
"Call the doctor!" The nangongshan obsidian cold reprimand angrily to the room at the same time.
The cold wind didn’t dare to neglect to invite imperial doctors again.
It’s very uncomfortable for the imperial doctor to be disturbed. Even if you have a friendship with Nangong Obsidian, don’t squeeze your life like this. It’s only been a few days that so many people have been treated and all of them are seriously ill! Rao is too much for his bones …
"Why did you come back? Who is this little girl? What’s wrong with her? "
See the guardian bedside Nangong obsidian imperial doctor one leng immediately check the condition for the Fifth Princess before leaving.
Because of the pain, this little body has been shaking all over, and her rosy face is pale at the moment. Her eyes are closed like a lifeless doll, which makes people feel pity.
The imperial doctor frowns that someone is really a beast to a child who doesn’t understand the world!
"How about it?" The nangongshan obsidian frowned and asked
"It’s just a general poison, and it doesn’t endanger life. Poisonous people know very well that if they put it in food with a great smell, it will evaporate when it gets wet."
It’s understandable if you treat an adult like this.
But who would do this to such a child?
"People let the Fifth Princess come?"
Although the heart has the answer phoenix dust deep or cold eyes looked at the destitution sink and asked.
At this moment, the little princess in the heart of the nurse heard the imperial doctor say this for a long time before slowly saying, "The four emperors agreed."