In comparison, the shadow of the cold heart is very deep, and now it is not only defeated by one of our own, but also defeated so badly.

It doesn’t matter if the woman in white has turned pale at the moment, but for a dead man, everything is gone.
I was suddenly hit by a cold ling, and everything was scattered. Now, the white woman’s breath on the ground is gradually weakening, and she has become a real basket case. If she persists for a while, she will surely become a real dead person.
But the white girl’s pale face is still hiding a little bit unwilling. Soon, I saw her sitting up slowly and immediately condensed her last little strength and then formed a printing tactic to suddenly hit at the middle.
After printing the tactic, the white woman screamed again, and soon her hands slipped slowly and her head sank instantly, so she sat quietly on the spot.
Obviously, at this time, the woman in white is dead, not only because of serious injuries, but also because of the suspicion that some people have lost their vitality and died.
Ye Han couldn’t help but shake his head at the sight of this and immediately sighed with emotion. "If I had known this, I would have done it." Is this what you’ve always wanted to see? "
Cold Tao naturally saw his helper die before his eyes and could not accept the fact that the shadow in this heart was even deeper.
However, this is not an important thing. After all, after a heavy blow to the chest, his six bodies have already formed Yuan Ying, and those three Yuan Dan, who have not yet grown up, have been completely integrated at the moment.
In this case, even a fool should know that his whole body repair has already gone down the drain with these six babies and three Dan.
Watching the eyes fall on the ground, blood is constantly erupting from the corners of his mouth, which is even more miserable than when he lost his repair. All the anger in the heart of Han Tao Ye Han has disappeared, and then it is a witness who regrets it.
"poof!" A spray of blood came to the cold Tao Yuan, and he quickly fell to a face unwilling to die.
Seeing this, Ye Han had to sigh lightly. "If I had known this, I would have told you earlier. A knife with the color prefix will give you a dead word in return for my Ye Han woman’s evil thoughts!"
Hearing Ye Han’s words, Lengling was busy coming up and holding his arm and immediately asked with a naive face, "Cold brother, when did you say such words?" Why have I never heard of it? "
"I" listened coldly and looked at her innocent face. Ye Han was speechless and hesitated for a moment before he smiled awkwardly. "Didn’t I just say that?"
After listening to Ye Han’s words, Lengling was speechless for a long time before she smiled awkwardly. Well, I won’t tell you!
See Lengling so Ye Han also didn’t tease again, but suddenly remembered the former white woman spelled out the last trace of vitality and played a vitality printing tactic.
Ye Han heart suddenly worried about this. The original ice mountain will solve the cold Tao, so don’t worry about what trouble will be behind it, but now the situation is obviously beyond this scope.
Although Ye Han doesn’t know that this white woman’s display is such as printing tactic, she also knows that this printing tactic display is suspected of leaking out what happened on this ice mountain.
Seeing Ye Han’s worried face suddenly turned white, he smiled and said, "Brother Han, aren’t you worried about being a Han family?"
Said the cold ling and glanced at the nearby although it seems very comfortable, it is also a face of bitter Lin Jie, and then smiled at Ye Han. "Besides, you didn’t kill this cold Tao, even if they are looking for trouble, they can’t find you!"
Listen to the cold lingyan Ye Han suddenly have a kind of framed others consciousness and this thing was originally stabbed out by himself, but now he wants others to bear the bitter fruit for himself.
"alas! That’s right. Anyway, it’s not that I’m Brother Lin. Do you think I’m right? " Listen to cold LingYan Ye Han feel also very for is then smiled at Lin Jiexiao laughed
Lin Jiewen immediately turned over their eyes, but think about it. From beginning to end, this Ye Han has never been hand-filled, which is a provocation.
He also knows that he shouldn’t put the crime of murder on Ye Hanshen. If he does, it’s a bit unreasonable to say it out.
"Well, I killed Ye Xiong for this natural cold wave!" Consider this Lin Jie also have to noncommittally smiled.
See Lin Jie so Ye Han this just peace of mind to less murder today although some but not too big.
It doesn’t matter if you provoke the Han family, but if you involve your family in this way, it’s a little unreasonable
Although Ye Guyou is a master of ancestors, other people are a little unbearable. If you are hated by the cold family, you don’t know what will happen.
Naturally, relatively speaking, the cold family is obviously not as good as the leaf family. After all, this cold family has not seen any super masters today, and Hanshan, the patriarch, is at best a secondary master.
This chilling worry has been reduced a lot. If you don’t involve your family, it won’t be too much trouble.
Naturally, on this basis, she has to have enough ability to face it, but now she obviously doesn’t have this, so she must find a scapegoat for her crimes.
Of course, she doesn’t want to be the one around her. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if she could find someone outside to take the fall? ~
[18] [Solve the trouble]
And now take out Lin Jie and Lengling to take the rap, which is a last resort. Her heart is somewhat uneasy. After all, one of them is her closest person.
But think about it. Now that Lengling has offended the Han family, her husband himself can’t be a bystander. This chilling leaf is only slightly calmed down.
Ye Han’s idea of Lengling at this time is unknown, but she knows a little, but she has no opinion on it.
Lin Jie is not stupid. Now he naturally knows that killing an enemy by the other heads of the cold family can be described as offending the whole family.
But now that we have sinned, even if we have to regret it, we can’t come. Besides, none of the three of them have ever regretted it.
They are not too worried about this. After all, the future will come eventually, and what they can do now is to hope that things will not come too soon, so that they will not fight unprepared.
After a while, Lin Jie was ready to take three people away from the iceberg and continue northward, because he knew that he would have to rely on himself now that he was going back to the Cold Forest School, so that he would not be affected by the cold family.
Less cold Lin sent this big backer, even the heads of this cold family can’t openly break into the sects, even if they want to fight, they may not be able to really fight.
Ye Han is slightly blocked by this. After all, there are not ordinary people lying in this iceberg. If you just put it here, it will be somewhat unreasonable
This Ye Han decided that three people would bury the two bodies of the cold family first. After all, the dead are now so cruel to the dead that it is too unreasonable.