Then Yang Ye stretched out his hand and dragged a black iron-handled spear from the hand of a soldier behind him and threw it to the scorching sun. He said, "Take this as a sample. Don’t let people look at our array and see the flaw with their bare hands."

The scorching sun caught the spear, grabbed one end of the iron handle, dragged the spear tip around and walked on.
Yang Ye turned to look at Nan Rong and said, "I don’t know if this fat guy in the hot sun will shine. I haven’t seen his real strength yet."
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The scorching sun has dragged a spear to the ground, and his eyes look straight at the camp in Japan, looking like a provocation.
In the Japanese camp, everyone saw a big fat man walking at least on foot, dragging a spear. There were some puzzling faces and looked at each other. I didn’t know the depth of this fat man at the moment, and no one dared to take up the battle easily.
After a while in the scorching sun, I saw that no one was willing to come. The sun was so hot overhead that he sweated all over his head and simply threw his spear to the ground, sat down on the ground and squinted and shouted, "Have you come to do it?" Why are you all so timid? No, I went back! "
The traitor translator next to the general in the Japanese camp immediately told this to the general.
The Lord flew into a rage and turned around to shout out the fat words not far away, telling everyone to listen to this side. The lieutenants all showed their indignation and shouted and scolded each other, but they didn’t see anyone urging the horse.
Finally, the Lord called out and a lieutenant named Die Calf went to fight Die Calf. He hesitated and took a look at the fat man not far in front. He secretly made up his mind to look at the fat man’s size. The speed is definitely not flexible enough, and there is no height without riding a horse. If I go to kill him, I won’t be able to get a reward! It’s worth it! It’s worth it!
At the thought of this finished calf, he nodded at the Lord Che Chi Lang Meng and pulled out a long knife from his waist to hold it above his head, screaming and urging his horse to rush straight to the hot sun.
The scorching sun saw someone finally coming. He got up from the ground and turned his head to look at the Tang Jun camp. Yang night’s eyes met. Yang night’s eyes projected over the scorching sun. When he remembered Yang night’s words, he shook his head and picked up the spear from the ground to meet him. The Japanese lieutenant yawned with a spear in his face.
Passing 18-wheeler is about to die. Calf riding has come to the hot sun. He bent slightly over his long knife and swept away the blade. He ran straight towards the hot sun and split his neck.
The scorching sun casually raised the spear, blocked it with a "Mao" blade, struck the spear iron, and the finished calf leaned back and took back the knife and turned around.
The scorching sun gave him a slight shock, which shook his wrist. Although it was nothing, he was still surprised that this Japanese dog thief had such great strength! Impossible, right? Illusion?
The scorching sun turned around with a spear in surprise, and the man got up in spirit. He looked at each other with another commanding knife and split to set up a spear again, and sure enough! The strength is just the same as before, and it is much stronger than the average human being!
Another turned to the scorching sun, and it suddenly occurred to me that Yang Ye said that these Japanese dog thieves are all caught in the scales and can absorb the strength of others. This must have absorbed a lot of people’s strength before they can have such ability.
So the scorching sun is no longer taken lightly. Although it is far from the scorching sun to move any real kung fu, he still keeps hiding according to Yang Ye’s words and will not strike back. He wants to try out how capable this Japanese dog thief who has been scaled can be.
After more than a dozen rounds, the scorching sun has probably known how many brushes this Japanese dog thief has in front of him, but it is really better than ordinary people, but it is just a puppet of Long Xiao, a scaly family, and the strength of the calf is getting smaller and smaller. The scorching sun naturally knows that these scaly people can absorb other people’s energy, but once they are exhausted, once they are exhausted, they are weaker than ordinary people.
Knowing that the scorching sun is no longer welcome, when the finished calf cuts a knife and goes to the recycling posture, the spear is thrown straight at the finished calf, impaled from his chest into the middle of the back and out.
The spear was at least two meters long with a pointed handle, but it passed through the body of the finished calf without any intention of stopping over.
I don’t know where the long knife went when I fell from my horse’s back.
The hot sun shook his big ass and walked over. He raised his leg and crushed the head of the finished calf with one foot, and then rubbed the soles of his feet and continued to look up at the garrison camp in Japan.
The men in Tang Jun camp just wondered how General Zhenyuan sent his chef to fight. And he doesn’t ride a horse yet, and of course no horse dares to commit suicide and let the sun ride. But the soldiers are surprised that this fat chef knows martial arts? Look, why did General Zhenyuan send his own kitchen to die when he couldn’t even mop the floor with a spear?
But at this time, five thousand soldiers were surprised and lucky to see the fat chef stab each other with a spear against the general! So I sighed that the fat chef was lucky, and the other generals nodded their backs. At the same time, they applauded and cheered. They were amazed that the fat chef was really lucky, but he didn’t say that he threw a long knife and put the other lieutenant to death! It’s really a good thing if people are lucky-picking a daughter-in-law and a pervert on Singles Street met a beautiful woman and posted it on the night shift, causing a car to break her leg …
The idea of the Japanese garrison camp in Tang Jun is the same. It is too careless to think that the fat man was killed by a fluke.
I saw that I was killed by a fat man who didn’t ride a horse, and a lieutenant was fried here in the Japanese camp. At the same time, I rushed out of the two deputy generals who were holding aloft combat knives in the future and rode straight into the hot sun. The Lord didn’t stop them.
These two lieutenants want to be beautiful in their hearts. They all saw that this fat calf just now was able to parry and dodge. Although the calf died unexpectedly, this fat has already consumed too much physical strength. It is a piece of cake to rush out and kill this fat at this time. This is not equal to collecting credit for nothing!
So the two lieutenants hurried out without asking the Lord under the pretext of anger and hatred.
The scorching sun is happy.
Haha, two of them came here to vent their anger these two days, so they took a few steps with a smile and bent down to pick up the spear. They met the two Japanese lieutenants with a relaxed smile in their hands.
Behind the Tang Jun saw this scene all want to finished this fat luck as strength each other but two people! He’s dead this time!
Two lieutenants of Japan have reached the front of the scorching sun, both wielding knives, cutting the scorching sun, unhurriedly dodging and parrying, and continuing to test whether these Japanese people are so strong according to Yang Nightmare.
The two Japanese lieutenants rode in a circle with reins, constantly brandishing their knives and looking at the scorching sun. The knife was shining on the top of their heads, so they turned their spears horizontally over their heads and turned the whole spear faster and faster, like a propeller, and a whirlwind formed on his head.
The two Japanese lieutenants were so anxious that they couldn’t go around on both sides.
The soldiers in Tang Jun camp over there are all happy and wish to do it! There are two kinds of fat! Look at this posture, maybe it was a busker when I was slim before!
But I didn’t expect the scorching sun to throw a glance at the Tang Jun camp while playing with a spear. Yang Ye looked at each other in the scorching sun and smiled at Yang Ye’s eyes, indicating that he could play as he wanted.
The scorching sun also feels strange. Maybe it’s because of the red body and ghost lineage? Otherwise, I just met him and soon felt that I was willing to obey him. According to the truth, my qualifications are much older than those of Chi Bi! Except for the time when Chibi gave his life to save him, the scorching sun felt that Chibi was a good partner. More often, the scorching sun always felt that Chibi had a natural deterrent in his eyes.
Not much to say, while laughing in the hot sun, I stopped and slowly put my spear in my hand. I pressed the spear into the ground and hugged my shoulder with my hands.
Around him, two Japanese lieutenants froze. I don’t know what medicine this fat gourd sells, but it’s also a moment of stupidity. Then two Japanese lieutenants raised their combat knives almost at the same time, screaming and splitting them at the top of the hot sun.
At this time, the hot sun has been smiling and narrowing into a crack. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he suddenly raised his arms to the sides of his head and shouted "Alexander!"
In an instant, the flame jumped up from the foot of the scorching sun, and immediately surrounded the whole people in the scorching sun. Then, the area of the flame grew bigger and bigger, and a five-meter fire in Fiona Fang was formed around the scorching sun. Gradually, it was no longer a flame, but became a huge pillar of fire, soaring rapidly into the sky.
"Boom!" Suddenly disappeared, and everything was quiet again. Look at the scorching sun, the pillar of fire has long since disappeared, and everything seems to have never happened.