"Do you really think," said Feng Yang Nai, and immediately said to the five young people, "I’m not feeling well now. Can you help me bury all these people?"

Although five young people were also injured, it is still no problem to dig a few pits to bury people. Because the ground is full of big pits just after fighting, it is necessary to bury the soil to throw these people into the pits.
This is to prevent Wan Jianzong people from finding the bodies of these brothers and finding traces of the wind, but I’m afraid it won’t last long. This place has already produced obvious signs of fighting, and you can see the clues if you pay attention to it.
After burying the bodies of five younger brothers and Zhou Jian, Feng Yang looked at Qing Cang and asked, "Are you going to a displaced town?"
"If it’s the same way, let’s go together. You are seriously injured now, so it’s better to heal by car." Qing Cang said.
He is a kind person. At this time, seeing that the wind is weak, he needs to rely on Xia Ying to help him. He can’t bear to leave his benefactor here like this.
Qing Yu is against it. "Dad, he did this to us. If he takes them with him, what danger will he encounter?"
"No nonsense. If it weren’t for this little brother’s help, the consequences would be unimaginable." Qing Cang said sternly
"Hum, this is because he will be like this." Qing Yu was dissatisfied with pouting and said that he didn’t dare to continue to oppose his father’s stern look. He didn’t good the spirit to stare at Feng Yang.
Although there are rings to put things in, it is an embarrassing problem for these caravans.
Low-level rings are too small to hold too many goods, while high-level appliances are too big, but the price is too expensive. I’m afraid some strong people and operators will have them, but not their caravans.
All caravans are trained in low-level Warcraft carts, which is to tame the three-headed and three-level force pattern wind leopard carts. Although the speed does not fly Warcraft, the speed of the wind leopard on land is also flying
"Wan Jian Zongdi is really hateful, or let’s fly through the clouds over there. My brothers are all chivalrous men." China glanced at sitting in the carriage with his eyes closed and the wind raised and looked at it. Sitting beside the wind, he was silent and silent, and Xia Ying said with rain like a cold winter plum.
"Younger, are you still obsessed with others? People may not remember having been to the displaced town for a long time." Big head said with a smile, this guy’s head is bigger than ordinary people. Looking around, it is the head that stands out.
"He is young and chivalrous, so I can’t worship him? Can’t you? " Qing Yu jiao pretty stare at big head way
"Okay, who does the little princess worship? We can’t say no, can we?" Big head said with a smile.
"Yes, it really makes me envy. He just came to the displaced town to do it once and let our little princess praise it so much." Another young man teased.
"I wish I could have the opportunity to meet him. I really hate to see his back at that time. It’s so imposing and courageous to never be forced to face the siege of so many people with a huge sword." Qing Yu looked forward to imagining the sight of the mercenary group who had been displaced from the town that day
Although Xia Ying didn’t speak, she kept listening to their conversation. At first, it was quite interesting to hear that the little girl praised Feiyun Gate. Just now, she slandered and contradicted two authentic Feiyun disciples.
Then I heard that the admirer of Qingyu was actually carrying a giant sword and flying to Yunmen. Xia Ying wanted to laugh. The corners of his mouth could not help but reveal a shallow smile. I thought it was really unpredictable. Her admirer turned out to be that she now hates the wind and blows.
How would she feel if she knew Feng Yang’s identity and didn’t!’ Xia Ying suddenly some evil drama fun thought.
"Xiao Yu, don’t think so much about Feiyun’s younger brother like him. The whole Feiyun’s younger brother is definitely a great person. We won’t have anything to pay with them. It’s hard to say whether this generation can see him again." Qing Cang timely cracked down on the enthusiasm of Yiqing Yu, otherwise she would hold this fantasy all day, which would be too unrealistic.
There is no concept of puppy love in the mainland of Wu Soul. It is an inevitable rule for men to get married and women to get married. Many people get married at the age of seventeen, and it is normal for some villages to get married at the age of fifteen or sixteen.
"That’s probably not as sacred and unattainable as you think. Many Feiyun brothers are just more talented than ordinary people." Xia Ying chuckled.
"You are Wan Jianzong, of course, you will say that Feiyun" Qing Yu curled his mouth and said.
"Maybe you will believe me soon," Xia Ying said with a smile.
"What do you mean?" Qing Yu is at a loss
The road is not bumpy. The speed of the third-level Warcraft force-tattooed wind leopard is not slow, but it can’t reach the degree of day and night hardships. After all, the third-level Warcraft is a low-level Warcraft with limited endurance. If you want to let them work, you can stop and rest at night and continue to set off until dawn.
However, Rao is so fast. If you walk day and night, it will take about a month. It only took six days for Feng Yang and others to get to the displaced town.
During these six days, the wind has hardly stopped practicing to avoid the waves. Eating, drinking, pulling and sleeping are severely suppressed, which is completely contained.
However, the wind is now afraid to make the goblin fire milk and the celestial Xuan ice crystal refine their bodies, for fear that the cultivation of these two exotic things will have a lasting impact on the riders, and it is still uncertain when Wan Jianzong’s group of people will suddenly appear. It is not too optimistic that the wind can make the six-level beast Yuan Dan recover from physical injuries.
Six days is only to let the physical injury recovered by about 30% to 40%.
Back to the displaced town, it’s only three hours’ flight from Feiyun City, which is equivalent to being outside your home.
Invited by Qing Cang sincerely, Feng Yang and Xia Ying went to Qing Cang and others’ camp, which turned out to be an affiliated caravan leaning on the moon, which surprised Feng Yang.
He came to the displaced town to complete a project to help the people’s mercenary group solve the foreign troubles. At that time, he also had a good time with the lean on the moon building, and he still owed a favor to the lean on the moon building boss, so he planned to take this opportunity to return the favor.
According to the wind, it is estimated that Wan Jianzong people will definitely rush to the displaced town after finding out that they have fallen into the trap. However, it takes them twice as long to get to the displaced town from Thunderstorm Town. Now they have won a lot of time to stay in the displaced town for a day or two, but it is not a problem.
However, it does not rule out that Wan Jianzong’s group of people are intelligent and can find clues before, and he can get to the displaced town as soon as possible.
Feng Yang’s character is such that vengeance will be mine. Naturally, I always keep in mind that I walked into the headquarters of the caravan on the Moon Building * but I didn’t see Shen Min, the boss who could make most adult men in the displaced town desperately.
"Hey, it’s not the battalion chief. Why do you come back with injuries when you take a trip to the goods? I’m afraid you can’t come back." A middle-aged man walked into the caravan camp on the moon floor with two young people and said coldly.
Qing Cang saw this guy is a burst of boredom. This is another captain of the lean-on-the-moon building business group. Wisdom and Qing Cang are not equal in strength.
Qing Cang and Zhi are recognized by the Yuelou business group as having the strength to compete for the position of deputy head, and they have always been fighting with each other.
"Don’t worry, I will live longer than you." Qing Cang also said with a big smile that the business group has worked hard for so long, and this ability has been practiced, and it will not be angered and irritable because of the other party’s words. It is a frivolous young man who will have an impetuous mentality.
"I heard that the owner of this cargo values a lot of value and there is nothing wrong with it?" Smiling, he said that although the line of sight is constantly drifting to one side with the words of Qing Cang, Xia Ying can’t pay too much attention or Xia Ying can’t help but surge up in the face of this kind of beautiful woman Rao, an old man.