"# # # How did this happen?" Zhang Tao has been completely dumbfounded at this time. In front of him is a perfect glittering and translucent body with white defects! That abundance proudly shows the slightest trace of proud flesh dream. This shocking scene shows that Zhang Tao retains the slightest trace of Zhang Tao’s dumbfounded instantaneous poison cloud, and almost the slightest secret is panoramic by Zhang Tao.

In fact, all this is due to the extremely ice-free spring, because it is a strange liquid, which perfectly freezes the poison cloud coat. When Zhang Tao absorbs it, the coat is broken like ice crystals.
Zhang Tao was shocked by the scene, but the poison gas still spread, smelled a strange smell in the gas and felt a shaking of his body. Zhang Taocai woke up from the shock.
"What should I do? Save people or? " What should I do if I save the poison cloud skill and wake up soon? Facing her, crash and burn? Or are you committed? Or did you castrate yourself?
At this critical moment, Zhang Tao’s mind was still cranky when he was called back to reality by poison, but he didn’t rescue him for the first time. If you die, die! " Zhang Tao’s mind thought that the poisonous cloud had saved his heart many times. Make a determined effort. Zhang Tao held her back with both hands.
China Resources feels and the warm temperature makes Zhang Tao fondle admiringly, but the thought that Yuemei is still aside, Zhang Tao converges, and two kinds of cold air in heaven and earth immediately pour into the chaotic body of poisonous clouds.
Just as the sun shines into the dense fog, it constantly produces gradually. If Zhang Tao sees sweat on his forehead a little later, even his own skill is hard to suppress. I can’t help feeling a little guilty at the thought that I was just thinking and almost delayed the best time.
"Well," the bell rang gently. Zhang Tao knew that the sound was a poisonous cloud. She woke up!
Zhang Tao’s hands trembled slightly for a moment and immediately stabilized his mind. The poisonous cloud seems to have no violent reaction, waiting quietly for Zhang Tao. She completely suppressed the toxicity. "Give me a set of clothes." Her voice didn’t recognize the anger and Zhang Tao was uneasy and said, "Only my robe." Then she handed it to Zhang Tao, who was relatively tall. The poisonous cloud looked a little loose in his clothes, but it covered her shame.
"Let me out" poison cloud turned her head. Qiao face may have a slight blush. I don’t know if she is shy or angry, but it embellishes her original beautiful face.
"I didn’t mean to. I didn’t know that the extremely frozen spring would be associated with your clothes."
"You still say?" Poison cloud stared at her eyes. Her eyes were like the purest thing in the world. It was unique to stare angrily.
Zhang Tao nodded repeatedly and then went out with a poisonous cloud. Now both of them have recovered. Even the tower is waiting for him to die.
It’s already late at night outside. Obviously, I can restore my true qi and help the poisonous cloud suppress the toxic waves for a lot of time. "I" Zhang Tao doesn’t know what to say.
"We are all practitioners, so we don’t have to mind this skin. Do you think it’s such a trivial matter?" The poison cloud said flatly that the moonlight was wearing a loose white robe, but she didn’t know it, but there was an indescribable charm. The eyes were faint # # # and the 3,000 hairs hung down gently. Occasionally, one or two filaments would be naughty and stained with the forehead, but the breeze blew over it, but there was no attachment. So calm was so beautiful.
"Ha ha poison cloud, it’s best if you think so. Don’t worry, I’ll keep my mouth shut about this matter." Zhang Tao breathed a sigh of relief that poison cloud was not as calm as expected.
Come on! I was also in a hurry, and although I was close to my skin, I was healing each other, so practitioners don’t have to care about such a small matter.
"I’m tired. I’ll go first." Poison cloud suddenly said lightly.
"the amount? I still don’t know what Mo Ying is like? " Zhang Tao said today but the ancient king forced the palace? I don’t know what it’s like now?
"There is no fighting fluctuation around, so it must be over. If you want to know the answer, why don’t you go back to the imperial city?" Poison cloud said and disappeared in place regardless of Zhang Tao’s retention.
Zhang Taonai sighed and leaped towards the imperial city. Zhang Tao’s front foot returned to the original place with a full face of complicated meaning, and her eyes were also full of glittering and translucent. Maybe she won’t care for a real statue of Tianshi. After all, she has to rely on Zhang Tao to suppress all kinds of poisons, but does she really care about poisonous clouds?
The silver plate is like a Jiao Ren pearl, and it is like the fish man hanging on his chest. She didn’t say anything, so she just stayed where she was, and the white robe was brought up by a slight cold wind.
Zhang Tao hurried back to the imperial city and found that it was bustling again. It seems that the people have returned to the past. Zhang Tao was slightly surprised, and suddenly there was a stabbing pain in his chest. Zhang Tao found that the wound was cracked again, but the cold froze in the distance, but the sound "Zhang Daren?"
"Is it really you? Zhang Ren Huang is in a hurry to find you. Please come back to the palace for an audience. "A group of guards said respectfully.
Zhang Tao one leng nodded his head and then galloped to the palace. This time, the ancient king forced Zhang Tao to make a great contribution. All the way back to the palace, there were many flattering eyes, but Zhang Tao didn’t care. What happened to Mo Ying in a hurry?
Although Mo Ying’s strength has improved a lot in nine days, Zhang Tao also knows that the ghost emperor’s strength is extraordinary, and the outcome of the first world war between these two men is really unpredictable
At the door, a Chang Ying was looking forward to the lights in hall of mental cultivation, and he even came to laugh from time to time. "Is there an imperial banquet here?" Hall of mental cultivation is not a good place for a banquet, but Zhang Tao is surprised to be surprised or to go in quickly. "Please come quickly, Mr. Zhang."
After nodding, Zhang Tao pushed the door and entered the room. Suddenly it was quiet. "Haha, Zhang Tao, you’re just in time. I’m really worried about your safety. Where have you been?" Gu Longtian gave a hearty smile.
In hall of mental cultivation, there are only Qingyang Dust, Unlu, Cao Ge, Xiahou Dun, Yan Sha, Xing Weilong and others. Of course, there are some ministers who they don’t know, but there is no trace of Mo Ying. "Is it really an accident?"
"Huang Wei minister things don’t doyen get along now? What about the ghost emperor? " Zhang Tao spoke out his biggest worry.
Gu Longtian didn’t take offense. "Mo doyen and Master Qingyang killed the ghost emperor together, and he didn’t want to enter the palace, saying that he was waiting for you outside the palace. I didn’t find you, so I sent someone to look for you. I believe your strength will be fine."