"Yiqing, let’s talk."

She lowered her eyes. "I think I made it clear that we have nothing to talk about."
She tried to stop things from getting out of hand, but he still came forward.
She has nothing to say with him.
"That’s you!"
Chapter 39 Yi Qing I’m sorry
Leng Ruixi said, she had already flicker and hid in her room.
It seems that the room is still filled with the smell of the two of them together yesterday, which is so … ambiguous.
Han Yiqing always feels that sharing a room with him now is a torture!
"Leng Ruixi, will you go?" Don’t calm her down so much.
Leng Ruixi raised his eyebrows, but he didn’t seem to take her words at ease and asked calmly, "Where did you go early today?"
"LengRuiXi you …"
He still stubbornly asked, "Where did you go out early in the morning?"
Han Yiqing once remembered where she was going. This is how she gritted her teeth. Her heart was seen by Leng Ruixi …
He appeared in front of her a moment ago, and suddenly Han Yiqing’s nose was full of him. The smell was still the heart-pounding and reverie smell of last night …
Suddenly, she hates the smell now.
"I had to go out with you seems to have nothing with you? !”
If she had said that before yesterday, maybe he would have confidently said that you are my princess. Of course I care about you! But now he feels that he can’t say such a thing …
It is a kind of harm to everyone.
The two men immediately fell into silence. Finally, Han Yiqing heard the man sigh overhead, and then she felt that her waist suddenly had a pair of hands around her.
This feeling …
I can’t say it’s awkward. It’s not Leng Ruixi. It’s not like he can do things.
She just wanted to get out of his arms when she heard him say "I’m sorry, Yi Qing"
What does Han Yiqing want to say, but after waiting for so long, it’s not what she wants, but a simple sorry. She really wants to say that if everything in this world can be solved with a "sorry", why do the police need it? !
She remained silent and didn’t speak, but this doubt was the biggest torture to Leng Ruixi. He continued to repent, "I was wrong last night. If … if you want anything, you can tell me."
Han Yiqing’s mouth just evoked a smile. "Then I’m going to have a repair. Will you take me?"
Leng Ruixi never thought that she would say such a thing! But she was obviously disappointed in him for being able to say so!
Finally, there was a little wave in the blue eyes. He let go of her hand and straightened her up to face him and let her look at him. "I won’t stop you if you want to do anything."
Hearing him say this, his clear eyes finally gave off a glimmer of light. "What if I want to break off my engagement and set me free?"
"impossible!" He almost said it consciously, and when he saw her surprised and looked at him, he was silent for a while and said, "You are destined to be a princess."
He still does this, and everything he decides is so certain that it never depends on her feelings.
"Then go out. I’m tired."
Leng Ruixi grabbed her hand and wouldn’t let her go. Her eyes were fixed on her. "You haven’t said what you went out early!"
He always felt that things would definitely not be that simple!
When it comes to this Han Yiqing hand immediately dumped him "I am going out to report to you? !”
"Where the hell have you been! You say it! "
"I told you not!" As soon as she shook her hand, something in her pocket fell to the ground …
Chapter 33 All the possessions
There are pills on that thing. It’s very obvious … It’s medicine!
Han Yiqing bent down to pick it up at the sight of this thing, but was picked up by Leng Ruixi first …