Xiaoya stopped talking, turned around and looked out of the window. The bustling street scene in the city came into her eyes. She was lost in thought about Duan Qingyun’s words and deeds.

When the door was pushed again, Duan Qingyun saw the ambition and entered the room with two heavy parcels and locked the door at the same time.
Looking at the ambitious panting Duan Qingyun quickly asked, "Brother Diao, what are you …"
Diao Zhuangzhi held a bag in his hand and spread it out in front of Xiaoya. "Nurse Xiaoya, I know that you are a good friend of Qingyun and I am a good brother and fellow villager of Qingyun. This is my little gift. Please accept it!"
Xiaoya’s eyes lit up when she looked at the heavy plastic bag handed to her by her ambition. She saw that the plastic bag was full of all kinds of high-grade makeup. That’s an indecent dream. Because the price is so high that Xiaoya can appreciate it, she can’t have it from a distance but can’t touch it. How can she not be elated when she puts these things in front of her eyes?
However, the joy in Xiaoya’s eyes only lasted for a few seconds and then disappeared silently. She is a clever woman and she knows that she should cope with such a scene!
"Brother Diao, how can you accept your things? Take them away quickly!" Said Xiaoya and turned to the room and never looked back.
"Xiaoya, you despise my ambition, don’t you?" Diao Zhuangzhi laughed. "Come on, we’re all one of us!"
Duan Qingyun was secretly happy because he saw Xiaoya’s eyes radiate joy just now, but his face was a serious one. "Brother Diao, what are you doing? Do we have to do this?"
Diao Zhuangzhi saw Xiaoya sitting alone and lowered his voice. "Qingyun, you have helped me so much. If I don’t have any words, then I’m too fucking inhuman, right?"
Duan Qingyun hey hey smile heart way you his mama to have no human nature!
Seeing Diao Zhuangzhi put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a bigger and more bulging red envelope than before, he said in a pious tone, "Qingyun, don’t be too few!" And he slipped the red into Duan Qingyun’s pocket.
Duan Qingyun smiled slightly and didn’t put the ambitious red envelope in his pocket, but still said in a serious tone, "Brother Diao, since you are so sincere, I’ll tell you the truth. I’ll give you medicine later. I risked my life to get it from the back of Lingshou Mountain. Don’t tell anyone about this! God knows, do you know me? "
The ambitious eyes turned low and repeated Duan Qingyun’s words, "Heaven knows earth knows you know me! If I reveal half a sentence and the devil takes the hindmost to destroy it, I will be a beast if I don’t have a fart eye … "
Duan Qingyun quickly interrupted the ambitious self-curse with a wave of his hand. "Brother Diao, don’t say that. I think if others know that I have nothing, they will know that your boxing skills are not real, so even if you get good grades, you won’t be recognized by the leaders. You are white! To put it bluntly, I think this is for you! "
"Flop" Diao Zhi-zhi knelt down toward Duan Qingyun again. "Qingyun, you are really my good brother! You are my second-born parents! "
Duan Qingyun tuttered, "Look, look, you’re here again. We are good friends. You can’t say so many words of thanks in front of me, so you’ll be too welcome!"
"Yes, yes, no thanks, no thanks!" The ambitious Duan Qingyun high-fived and laughed, all with their own small plans in their hearts.
Duan Qingyun continued, "Brother Diao, we are fellow villagers in Lingxian Town and good friends. Do you know what makes me less close?"
"This is this …" Asked with great curiosity.
Duan Qingyun continued to whisper, "If I get too close to you, many people will be suspicious at random. What do you say, Brother Diao?"
After listening to him, Brother Diao never realized that Duan Qingyun was fooling him except that she was cautious!
Yes, Duan Qingyun, this recovery of ambitious money is not a total of more than 100 thousand yuan! According to Duan Qingyun’s plan, it is necessary to accept his money and not give this little aphrodisiac to make this small fortune. Hey hey, if the deer king in Lingshou Mountain knows about this, it seems that he will be grateful to the old section.
Duan Qingyun continued, "Brother Diao, go to the noodles and buy me a bottle of wine. Don’t ask for high-alcohol liquor."
As soon as he heard this, he didn’t even want to rush out of the sliding door immediately. He knew that there were less than two hours before the game and there should be no delay.
Diao Zhuangzhi just walked out of Qingyun’s room and shouted Xiaoya out of the room, pointing to Diao Zhuangzhi to buy those makeup for Xiaoya and laughing, "Do you like Yamei?"
Xiaoya didn’t reach out and touch these things. Although she was envious of these expensive makeup, she still tried her best to control her emotions. "Brother Duan, I’ve always wanted to buy these things, but it’s too expensive for me …"
Duan Qingyun laughed. "Now someone has sent you a door. Your wish can be realized."
Xiaoya shook her head in a firm tone and said, "Brother Duan, I don’t like what others bring. I like what you give me!"
"Oh!" Duan Qingyun got excited and gently caressed Xiaoya’s shoulder. "Ya Mei, I know your mind. Since you really don’t like it, I’ll buy some sets and give them to you myself!"
Xiaoya smiled sweetly in Duan Qingyun’s arms.
Have to admit that ambitious running speed is fast Duan Qingyun was about to take this opportunity to kiss a lesser door.
Because Duan Qingyun didn’t lock the door in the past when he went out just now, he pushed the door and broke in. At a glance, he saw Duan Qingyun Xiaoya hugging her deeply and smiling awkwardly, and Duan Qingyun Xiaoya let go of her hugging hands.
When Xiaoya returned to Li Duan Qingyun, she looked at the ambitious wine in her hand. It was a 30-degree ordinary liquor and smiled with satisfaction. "Brother Diao, you can go out for a while now. I’ll fill your prescription."
Ambitious nodded respectfully out of the room.
Duan Qingyun prepared the ambitious medicine in less than ten minutes. Compared with the ambitious medicine, Li Hu and Ye Fei lost a trace of yang and gained a few traces of excitement. That is to say, the ambitious medicine will definitely become excited after drinking, just like when you are drunk for six minutes, you feel afraid to speak at ordinary times. He can say it. He can do it with a bite of his teeth, but when he gets to the boxing arena, his ambitious excitement is mainly to dare to attack. When he trains at ordinary times, he will be able to aim at the weak points of the other side and attack quickly!
This potion of Diao Yang-strengthening only stays at such a level, and it can only last for ten minutes after drinking. Duan Qingyun has calculated that these ten minutes of efficacy can not help Diao Zhi to win the game, and it can give him a short-term excitement. It is simply too short from medicine to entering the stadium, from pre-game preparation to official competition. When Diao Zhizhi was about to fight with his opponent, the medicinal properties had completely disappeared! But Li Hu and Ye Fei’s liquid medicine are different. Their liquid medicine is full of yang and courage. After drinking it in the belly before the game, they have a clear mind. They can accurately judge the opponent’s punching routine, and they can quickly avoid the opponent’s attack and at the same time burst into unprecedented offensive strength, making the opponent feel a kind of Taishan coping momentum and lose!
Of course, this is the analysis of Duan Qingyun’s "aphrodisiac theory", but what will the effect be in practice? Duan Qingyun himself can’t think of it. He can only come to the final conclusion by watching the game process on the spot.
Hey, hey, ambitious, my old man made you lose money and lose! Duan Qingyun looked at the ambitious medicine and immediately be elated.
I was about to go out and give the potion to Diao Zhi Yao. The mobile phone rang. It seems that it shows a strange number.
In the past, Duan Qingyun won’t answer strangers’ words, but now Duan Qingyun is extremely excited and has just received more than 100,000 Neys. How can he press the answer button like a few sesame seeds? "Hello!"
"Brother Yun, I am Huang Liang Ma!"
"Ah …"
"Brother Yun, I have one thing to ask you!"
"Er, you, you are not a train …"