"If we go to the village now, Helmus may find some clues once he comes. I think it is better for us to stay put and spy around the village. Once he dares to show up, he will become him. We can get the first hand," Molin said.

Mo Ren nodded and said, "Say yes and listen to you."
"There is one more thing that may be troublesome." Mo Lin said a few words in the low ink-bearing ear, and the two whispered quietly for a long time before coming back, and I didn’t know what to do.
In the dead of night, the moonlight caresses the ink man. The village is like a gentle hand soothing the night and sleeping people.
Mo Chong is a member of Mo Mo’s secret department. He is responsible for guarding the entrance to the north village.
Only two or three years ago, the roads in Mozi Village were always open at night, and only one or two secret sentries were needed at night. But in the past two years, the number of night sentries in Mozi Village has increased to more than twenty.
Tonight, the leader of the dark department is Wolf Tan, and several of his secret posts patrol back and forth for fear that there is something wrong. I don’t know what Wolf Tan always feels a little uneasy but can’t say anything.
Before he came to the Mochong sentry, he saw that he was intently looking at the trouble around him, so he made a gesture of praise. After the two men signed a message to each other that they were safe, Wolf Tan was relieved to continue patrolling to the west.
Wolf Tan’s front foot is away from Ink Chong, and he continues to observe that he holds a thousand-mile mirror in his hand, which can see things in the dark and see the nuances of a hundred steps clearly.
Raise a thousand-mile mirror and ink rushed to the intersection ahead to observe, but it was dark in front of the mirror and I couldn’t see anything.
"What’s the matter?" Ink stroke is a focal length problem, so it turns a retaining ring in the telescope to adjust the distance between the two lenses.
On how he adjusted the mirror, it still showed dark ink. There were some doubts. I took the thousand-mile mirror to see what was wrong.
As soon as I took the Trinidad mirror, I froze him. Only then did I know that there was something wrong with the Trinidad mirror, but that his front was blocked by a black shadow.
"You …" Mo Chong wanted to Hewen who the other person was, and at the same time, his hand went to the side to grasp it. There was a secret that would immediately give the village a warning.
But his mouth was stopped a little bit, and his fingers were less than an inch away from the machine, but he could no longer push forward even a nail distance.
The shadow buckled Mo Chongba with one hand, let him use the other hand to restrain his chest, and let him feel soft all over and have no strength.
When the shadow hand moved slightly, he felt something rushing out of his body. His consciousness gradually blurred and then he didn’t know anything.
The shadow was Helmus, who swallowed the ink and licked his lips at the soul.
"This soul is still a little interesting. The soul in that city is too weak. It takes thousands to eat an ordinary strong man, but there seem to be many strong men in this village. If you can eat one or two hundred, it will be worth a top strong man." Helmus looked greedily for a place to start.
I’m looking for a stronger breath than Ink Rush, and I’m slowly approaching. Helmus turns his eyes and hides in Ink Rush’s Underguard, waiting quietly.
When he was in Bian Que, he was completely afraid of killing everyone in the street, but he took different ways to sneak into the village at night and divide and conquer.
This is Helm Mosong’s place. He found that there are many strong players in Mohist Village. These are all delicious foods in his eyes. He won’t let go of any of them. It would be a pity if he spooked someone. Anyway, he will enjoy this night slowly for a whole night.
It’s the Wolf Tan. He just left the ink post and suddenly felt some abnormal fluctuations behind him.
The uneasy feeling in his heart made him come back and decide to take another look to make sure everything was normal before continuing his patrol.
When he came to Mochong Anshao, the wolf Tan was nowhere to be seen. He was surprised and walked quickly to see where Yichong had gone.
As soon as he got close to the wolf sandalwood, he suddenly felt something strange behind him. He suddenly turned his head and his neck was caught in the hands of the sneak attacker.
The cold hand clasped his neck, and a chill poured into his body to seal his psionic powers, so that he could only use the collar method.
"This is good. It must taste good." Holmes smiled. "If every soul is of such high quality, I can challenge Rivers after tonight."
He said this in his mouth, and he was not idle at all. Black gas rose to cover the wolf sandalwood, and he felt a sharp pain in his head and his physical strength rushed to the top of his head with a sense of illusion.
Then he tore the general feeling and made Wolf Tan’s consciousness in a vague state. His heart was horrified and inexplicable, and the last bit of consciousness also tried to keep his soul from being separated.
Just then, a loud noise seemed to be a huge bowstring snapping. As the sky were to fall, a huge arrow roared at Helmos vest.
It is absolutely right to say that it is a giant arrow, because this arrow goes beyond people’s definition of an arrow.
This is a huge trunk cut into an arrow. It takes three people to hug each other, and the tip is cut into a very sharp arrow. I don’t know what kind of bowstring is needed to launch it.
Of course, a huge arrow will send out a huge arrow. whistling arrow just left the string and almost woke up the whole village.
Helmus is no exception, of course, and the wind whistling behind his ears. The huge arrow is half shot and half smashed. It seems that it will smash him flat.
Inadvertently, Helmus took the safest way. He temporarily gave up the idea of devouring souls and rose to the top.
The giant arrow passed through his feet, which made Helmus feel a little relieved. At this moment, he was awakened by the giant arrow, and the lights in the village lit up, which disrupted Helmus’ secret plan to devour the wonderful things.
It’s the biggest mistake of Helms to breathe a sigh of relief like this.
The giant arrow is still flying, but there are two smells from the giant arrow. From there to there, there are two smells that skyrocket instantly, and the thunder speed sneaks up behind Helms.
These two sneak attackers are Mo Lin and Mo Ren, and they are humanitarian. Helmus is good at sneak attack, but now he is hidden by Mo Lin and Mo Ren, and he suddenly launches it inadvertently.
Helmus was suddenly alert when he noticed the attack from behind, but it was a little late.
In a hurry, he can fly forward and hope to rely on speed to avoid the attack from behind.
Unexpectedly, there were several smells in front of him. Three masters, Zhu Pingman, Xiaobai and Snake Jiuyou, had long hidden the ink man. Waiting in the village was the giant arrow launching and the ink forest ink forbearing to sneak attack them. Even if they had arrived at Helmus, they would have reacted and just caught him in a heavy encirclement.
Helmus was caught in a dilemma with an interception before and a pursuer after.
If none of the top five players in the field of strength alone is his opponent, but the five strong players are attacked from front to back, and it is just that Helmus is not given a chance to adjust when his breath is not good, which is equivalent to leaving Helmus in the wind after a long time.
Turning his mind to Helmus, he chose the method of minimum loss. He abruptly stopped his steps and suddenly turned around to fight for a hard blow from the ink. He launched a fierce black light with his hands and hit the colorful psionic power with the ink forest.