However, Fox seems to underestimate Ye Han’s ability. Ye Han can’t threaten her. She suddenly jumped up and jumped on Fox’s body, and then quickly grabbed her ear.

"Come on, I know you’ve said enough about some things. There’s no reason to hide the result, right?" Ye Han is welcome. I shouldn’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, I don’t know, but I must never know half of the situation. Give up investigating the other half.
This is his principle of being a man. Maybe he didn’t care about this before, but now he has made this principle from the moment he wants to make himself stronger. He must make every effort to complete this principle.
Fox didn’t know that Ye Han would suddenly come to such a trick, but it was too late to regret it. He was caught by Ye Han’s ear and suddenly lost his mind. Maybe he could choose a powerful repair to beat Ye Han, but he could make it because he didn’t want to hurt his master.
Although Ye Han grabbed the fox’s ear, he didn’t really have the strength because he knew that the fox was also koo. Although he knew that things were a little much, it was not her fault, but she was to blame for hiding it deeply.
Ye Han pursues strength, but he knows that even if he has strength, but he has been confused, it is not a way to choose strength. Before he chooses strength, he must first choose to know everything.
Therefore, he has no choice. Now he has a goal, that is, to make the secret of Bai Han Ling’s flute method or the common secret of jade flute method. These cold spirits have not said or understood it very well, and he can’t force her to know it today.
Perhaps at this moment, he has forgotten what Yuan Dao’s desire to cultivate his mind has gradually deviated from his original thinking, and he can’t choose to wait and see, just as he has no choice to continue to be protected by others.
Everyone has a heart for the truth, and Ye Han is no exception. He won’t give up and won’t give up until he gets an accurate answer from Fox. Perhaps more directly, he dare not give up.
Fox seems to know Ye Han’s determination, or perhaps he is worried that his ears will be hurt by pulling, so he says to Ye Han, "Well, let me go first!"
Ye Han loosened the fox’s ear and then jumped from her back. Only then did Nai shake his head with a wry smile. "Actually, I don’t want to force you. There are some things I think it’s time for me to know. I don’t want to be kept in the dark all the time!"
Fox could nod his head and believe Ye Han’s idea, but he hesitated for a long time before saying, "There are some things that you really know, but now I can tell you that this cold spirit flute method and cold spirit jade flute originated from the fate star. I can’t say it yet, and even if I can say it, you can’t understand it!"
Ye Hanwen nodded his head. "Don’t worry about what you should know and what you shouldn’t know. I still know that you have your own difficulties, and I can’t be too demanding. Just tell me what you should say!"
Although I wanted to make everything clear as soon as possible, Ye Han didn’t choose to go on. Maybe this fox said it was right to know it early, but it would be harmful to him if he didn’t know it.
"Really …" Fox hesitated for a long time before sighing a long way. "I’d better tell you a story about the two gods of inflammation and cold first!"
Ye Han nodded his head, although at this moment he knew that he was not suitable for listening to stories, but when he heard the word "double god with inflammation and cold", he didn’t want to think about something about jade flute with inflammation and cold. Perhaps Er Shen with inflammation and cold is the creator of jade flute with inflammation and cold.
Xiaoli didn’t hesitate. Although Ye Han seemed to be thinking about something, she didn’t stop and then went on the sidewalk. "The so-called phlogistic cold double god, that is, two strong yuan gods appeared in this vigorous mainland many years ago!"
Said Xiaoli was silent for a while, and then said, "It is said that these two yuan gods are the strongest in the world in the past century, and they can surpass them again since their later generations."
Xiaoli said that these Ye Han were somewhat heard when Yan Yunzong’s master Yan Yunzong started this matter, and Ye Han had asked his master about it because he didn’t know the specific situation, but he didn’t know the result until the end.
"This inflammation jade flute and cold jade flute are both cast together by the two of them, and this cold spirit flute method is written by the two of them through their own understanding of nature, so this flute method can naturally reach the realm of Yuan Dao." When Ye Han recalled the past, Xiaoli continued to tell what he knew.
Ye Han listened to the trance, but he saw the fox turn around and walk slowly toward the cave. He also said from time to time, "And the cold jade flute can make it, which is that this cold spirit flute method can mainly control the cold properties of nature, and there is also an inflammatory spirit flute method. If you are familiar with this flute, you can control the inflammatory properties of nature with the help of the inflammatory jade flute."
Ye Han, who was behind the fox, soon felt a little depressed around him and tried not to ask the fox questions. After entering the cave, he listened to the fox and said, "But now that you have combined the phlogistic jade flute with the cold jade flute, it must be that this jade flute can make two kinds of flute methods!"
Ye Han smell speech immediately one leng immediately asked, "how do you know that I have fused phlogistic jade flute and cold jade flute? Besides, even if I combine these two kinds of jade flutes, it is impossible for me to play the role of inflammation spirit flute method without inflammation vitality in my body! "
Fox smell speech suddenly one leng and then a charming smile "I silly master, haven’t you found that now you can make cold jade flute? If I’m not mistaken, your body must be able to draw energy from each other. Otherwise, you can’t make this cold jade flute! "
"ah? Why don’t I know when I can play the jade flute? I’ve always made the cold jade flute wonderful, haven’t I? I don’t have any vitality now. I’ve never played this jade flute! " Ye Han smell speech suddenly a surprised then a face of nai shook his head wry smile way
Fox listened to Ye Hanyan for a long time before she smiled, "You will naturally know the truth in the future. I’m not very sure. I’ve heard of this saying, so it doesn’t really depend on the master. Maybe you can dig out the truth of this saying in the future."
Ye Han’s natural white fox’s difficulties have existed since ancient times, but it is rare to verify that it is true or false. Perhaps people in the world can know whether it is true or not, and he has not forced the fox to continue talking.
"Well, since you’ve said everything, I’ll let you go for the time being, but you must remember to let me know or you’ll be followed again!" Ye Han smiled so easily and then threatened to say
I don’t know that there is always an abnormal feeling in my heart from the moment I met Fox, and sometimes there will be some strange pictures in my mind. Those pictures are very vague. At one time, he tried to find out the truth, but now he is almost sure that the owner of this little what does the fox say will never be a coincidence, let alone that Fox made a mistake. Perhaps there is an unknown secret hidden in all this.
Although Fox won’t talk about it now, Ye Han believes that one day he can achieve his wish and find out all this. Perhaps the process will be very long, but he doesn’t care what he dreams of now, not only to save the sky, but also to protect his woman.
Maybe it will be a laughing stock for Ye Han to choose an outsider like this, but Ye Han has deeply impressed this idea in his heart. Maybe one of them will be the reason for him to persist, whether it is to save the day or protect his woman ~
【 354 】 【 Take the added fruit 】
The night climate is colder than when he was, but tonight’s night doesn’t seem so cold. Although the night has passed, Ye Han didn’t notice anything. Maybe he is not in the mood to observe this.
Everything in the cave is arranged as usual, and it can be said that it is almost dilapidated. Although everything around it is very clean, it shows that this cave may be just a simple place where Fox usually lives!
"This cave is not your home, is it?" Slightly looked around for a while and found nothing unusual Ye Han just turned around and asked the fox.
Fox nodded his head consciously and then stared at Ye Han. In a short time, he asked, "Does the master really remember nothing? Xiaoli came here because he listened to you! "