Pinellia nodded to the imperial court, politics and what? She is not too white. "Handmaiden just casually said, miss, don’t worry. Maybe something really delayed, but then again, miss, aren’t you afraid that she will shake things out when you tell Gu Jinlan those things today?"

"It’s just a person who can’t talk for a generation. She has no chance!" Gu Jinxi bowed his head.
Pinellia ternata smell speech vomitted to stick out the tongue.
At present, the gatekeeper of the hospital reported that when Mrs. Gu came to visit with Anbohou and Liu Shi, Gu Jinxi just closed her eyes and prepared to take a nap. Frown at the report.
"What did the old lady come to do?" Pinellia pursed her lips and looked at Gu Jinxi, who was just lying down, and got up and was very dissatisfied.
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and frowned slightly.
"Miss, do you want to let them in?" Pinellia pursed her lips, obviously she didn’t want to.
"Take it to the waterside pavilion Tinglan." Gu Jinxi sighed with deep eyes. Gu said that the old lady came over. She didn’t mean that she was not white. She had been raised as her own daughter for decades. Suddenly, people said that she was not her own daughter. Her own daughter had already lost in which nook and cranny. Now the only way to know the news of that person is to cherish the soft princess and herself. It is only a matter of time before she comes. She doesn’t know exactly where Gu’s daughter was.
"Jin sunseeker I I …" When the old lady Gu saw Gu Jinxi, her heart was tense and excited, and her speech was actually stuttering. Turned to look at with her to Gu Huai "Ah Huai I I …"
This is also the most surprising thing for Gu Jinxi. Gu Laotai has been so kind to him. He is even willing to associate with Gu Laotai. It is not the day when Qian provoked the people to make a scene at the gate of Heng Wu Garden. This is the first time to officially open the door. Thought of this, her thin lips slightly sipped her face and showed a mocking chuckle.
Gu Huai looked at the bottom of my heart and looked up at Gu Jin Sunseeker. "Sunseeker’s dad is not …"
"Gu adults are cautious!" Gu Jinxi bowed his head to Gu Huai, and her heart was full of bittersweet and mixed feelings at the moment, and she didn’t know what to do with it.
Love? I used to love my father like that. Even if I was busy with politics, I would try my best to help my father if I had requirements. I used to think that my father was a heavenly father. To tell the truth, my heart is disappointed.
Hear Gu Jin sunseeker call Gu Huai raised his hand froze and stared at Gu Jin sunseeker with thick can’t believe "sunseeker you …" His baby daughter called him Gu’s adult? !
"Miss Gu, what happened in the past was that I was wrong. I’ll compensate you here."
Liu Hao, who has been grounded for a long time by Amber Hou, has actually calmed down a lot. When he faced Gu Jinxi again, he didn’t blow his nose and stare, but humbly apologized. Looking at Gu Jin sunseeker and Gu Huai deadlocked mouth to break the peace.
Gu Jinxi sat down and bowed his head. Don’t look at Gu Huai’s eyes. His face looks pale. "Liu Shi is not my daughter, but I can’t afford it. There is no place where I am sorry for my daughter."
"…" LiuHaoWen bei tooth tightly bite a tooth "miss gu you …"
"Come on, what’s the matter with these people coming to my Heng Wu Garden today?" Gu Jinxi bowed his head and gently took a sip of his teacup and drooped his eyelids. "Now Jin Sunseeker is nothing but a Bai Ding Amber Hou and Liu Shi. Even Jin Sunseeker will be scared. And Gu’s adult is a busy man now. If you delay your precious time, my daughter’s sin will be great."
Amber hou smell speech eyes dark dark; Gu Huai is trembling slightly. He knows she blames her.
"Sunseeker" Gu Huairu’s lips and eyes are faint with tears. He is not unwilling to come to them, but Aunt Qiu and Aunt Meng have been with his women after all. He has to deal with them before he can find Su Yi and make Su Yi forgive him.
Once he was a man with three wives and four concubines, there was nothing to be done. Now he can feel how Su Yi looked at those concubines who entered the door and looked at those concubines who were pregnant in October.
Thinking of this, he bent his head and choked to speak, but he couldn’t say anything.
"Jin Sunseeker, I’m here today …" The old lady was nervous.
Mother Liang patted the old lady Gu. "Don’t worry, don’t worry, old lady," she said, and looked up at Gu Jinxi. "Miss Gu, if there are many old slaves in the past, please don’t worry."
"Hum" Gu Jin sunseeker heard a light hum from his nose, bowed his head and his mouth was full of shallow smiles. He looked up and swept his face with tension. The old lady’s eyes were heavy and Amber seemed to be restless. Liu Hao "A few people have something to say directly, that is, my daughter … know it or not! Endless words! "
Amber Hou immediately laughed, "Haha, I told you that Ah Huai’s daughter would never sleep, so narrow-minded women can compete."
"Sunseeker son if you …" Gu Huai also don’t want to force Gu Jin sunseeker bow.
"Since you’re here, please ask" Gu Jinxi bowed his head. "This time and again, if you don’t come to Gu Jinxi in person, you won’t be so accommodating now."
Gu old lady smell speech excitedly nodded and turned to look at Mammy Liang holding Mammy Liang’s hand from beginning to end without putting "I, I just want to ask Jin Sunseeker if you …"
"Miss Gu, do you know where my eldest brother Liu Shian’s daughter was? Have you seen her? "
Seeing the old lady Gu stuttering Amber Hou, she couldn’t help leaning forward any longer. She seemed to look at Gu Jin’s sunseeker eyes with a deep expectation, and he knew what she was expecting.
"oh? See! "
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and slightly squinted at the end of his eyes. He watched Amber’s eyes sweep across Gu Huai and finally fell on the old lady’s body. "If my daughter can’t guess the old lady’s coming, it’s time to ask the old lady’s daughter, right?"
"Is" Gu old lady smell speech looked at Gu Jin sunseeker eyes almost pop out as if to see the savior "Jin sunseeker I beg you …"
"I’m sorry, I didn’t know that." Gu Jinxi looked at the old lady and bowed her head.