What’s more, an hour after this mobile phone video was sent out, three young people jumped off the building one after another to commit suicide, showing their loyalty and disappointment to the country.

On the contrary, netizens idolize the young man in the video who stands on the bow and faces the enemy ship.
In particular, with a wave of his hand, he is as imposing as a commanding general, which makes men more passionate and women more excited.
In just a few hours, many people knew that the fisherman’s surname was very famous, who lived in the house and had a girlfriend. Where did he learn from his girlfriends and who he fought with several times when he was a child? 8 The hero returned.
Facing the surging comments on the Internet, Zhuo Qiang, on the one hand, has greatly satisfied his vanity, on the other hand, he is full of police for the exposure of the Long Yun.
It is not a good thing to expose the world’s sight at this time when Long Yun’s own strength is still relatively weak
The video on the Internet clearly shows the heavy machine gun of Long Yun, although some officials have confirmed that it is impossible to have the heavy machine gun after careful investigation of the root of Long Yun. The heavy machine gun shown in the video is likely to be added after post-processing of the picture.
However, this kind of rhetoric has not been finished, preventing people from saying that after careful observation and professional software testing, the video is the original picture without traces of processing
This remark has caused a lot of arguments, and netizens on both sides have had a big war of words, but in the end, their positions unexpectedly tend to be the same, that is, no matter what the real situation is, such as protecting the young fisherman, there is no such thing as no such thing!
Although Zhuo Qiang can understand the love of netizens, it doesn’t make him feel at ease. When some departments come to their senses, they may also investigate his fishing boat, which is too strong, but this Long Yun can’t stand careful knocking and inspection
If the heavy machine guns on the Tibetan deck are strictly inspected, they will definitely be found out, and the Long Yun’s extremely high-strength alloy hull will be added. This is something that Zhuo Qiang cannot easily explain.
This crisis will not come immediately, because Zhuo Qiang is a little grass-roots hero after all. When the popularity is booming, does the official ignore the public opinion in Daxia and easily take his knife? The consequences will chill the hearts and minds of the people.
Zhuo Qiang won’t relax his mind because of this. He must plan ahead, which is a bit difficult.
It’s a pity that the heavy machine gun has never been thrown away at all, but it’s not impossible to give up the most and then spend some energy to supplement it. It’s better that the special steel of this ship can’t be hidden
This alien high-tech product can’t be changed casually.
This problem is really a bit nerve-racking. Zhuo Qiang has been thinking about it for a long time, but he hasn’t come up with a good solution. Since it’s okay for the time being, it’s time to take it one step at a time.
"Fishing and fishing will be upgraded quickly!" Zhuoqiang shook his fist.
There must be a way to escape the eyes and ears of the world after the upgrade, and then you and this Long Yun can really travel around the world.
Zhuo Qiang’s leisurely fishing life continued for another four days. When the fish warehouse was almost full, Zhuo Qiang received a message from his father Zhuo Wenhao.
In the words, Zhuo Wenhao’s tone is not good, and Zhuo Qiang seems to see his teeth gnashing.
"I didn’t send you as a soldier that year. It seems that I really lost you this good material. You are a little fisherman and the somebody else’s navy did it! Why don’t you come back soon? Are you still waiting for someone to retaliate against you? "
Zhuo Jiang smiled and said, "Dad, do you know about this? Go back! Go back now! If you have something to say, go back and say it! "
Revenge is definitely not established. Of course, the Annan government will not be like a two-leng. Just after eating a little bit of loss, it will be awkward to smash a brick, which may just hit the big summer country to prepare an iron plate.
Although Zhuo Wenhao’s words are fierce, he is also a little worried.
Father and son haven’t seen each other for days, so it’s time to go back and meet them.
Hang up the words Zhuo Qiang ordered the net to return.
Xu Bin hasn’t been here these days, probably because he thinks that he can’t catch many fish on this ship for three or five days, and he wants to wait until he has saved enough to collect it. Since he doesn’t collect it, he has gone back and sold it, and the price is higher. The Long Yun can’t absorb energy when it comes back and forth.
These days, the Long Yun has absorbed 50 or 60 points of energy, and nearly 120 points of energy before the upgrade has taken another step.
The Long Yun sailed through the wind and waves and arrived at the dock a few hours later.
Two fishmongers came by the dock to collect fish, but Zhuo Qiang talked with Ssangyong Navigation Company of Zheng Xiulian to sell them fish. Zhuo Qiang dismissed the two fishmongers in a few words and then sent a message to Zheng Xiulian to let their company people come to collect fish.
In a short time, a Dongfeng motor weighing 60 tons arrived at the dock door with Ssangyong navigation sign written on it.
Zhuo Qiang accidentally saw Zheng Xiulian jump out of the car. She is in the sales department. It’s not her job scope to collect fish. Why did she come here?
I was a little surprised to see Zhuo Qiang. Zheng Xiulian smiled and said, "I’m not here to collect your fish. I’m here to welcome the hero back!"
"What a hero! It’s a fluke! " Zhuo Qiang is very low-key about the collision incident.
Zheng Xiulian put a curl of his mouth "look at that video, you took the initiative to bump into it, and this courage is not for anyone to have, but also for what luck! ?”
Zhuo Qiang smiled for two times. She no longer argued that arguing with women can make men look like idiots.
"I came here for a reason. After knowing your story, the boss of the company decided to increase the price of your fish by 10% to express our patriotic enthusiasm. Do you think this is good?" Zheng Xiulian laughed.
"That’s good! What’s wrong with making more money! If so, will your company lose money? Let your company earn less. If it loses money, it is not necessary! " Zhuo Qiang doesn’t want to accept charity.
Zheng Xiulian said seriously, "If you increase 20%, you may not make any money. If you increase 10%, you can rest assured that our company can still withstand it!"
Zhuo Qiang smiled and said, "Then I would be disrespectful!"
"People in the company know that you and I are classmates, so they specially sent me to tell you about it and ask you to close for a long time, which is also a little respect for you as a great hero." Zheng Xiulian said that he would let the company staff work.