Not because the irony in Feng’s shallow words is too obvious, but also because in her words-the emperor doesn’t touch others.

So Emperor Donglan was the only one in the Sixth Palace?
Mrs. Feng looked at Feng’s shallow eyes and gradually became more and more complicated. Looking and exploring somewhat meant that she was not worried.
"Shallow son, you misunderstood your mother’s meaning." Mrs. Feng’s eyes flashed slightly. "My mother just said that I hope you don’t misunderstand anything you say. Now it seems that you still …" She sighed. "You are the mother’s daughter. Why do you want others to rob the emperor of your favor?"
"So mother means-you are so worried that your daughter is going to keep Feng Ling alive for a generation?" Phoenix chuckled "Niang, didn’t you just say that Feng Ling didn’t come back soon and couldn’t let her be wronged? Suddenly I changed my mind and found someone to take care of my daughter at the expense of her generation? "
This chicken lady can’t even pull out a far-fetched smile.
"Shallow son, aren’t you afraid of mother’s chilling when you say that?"
Phoenix is shallow and her state is opposite. The corners of her mouth are smiling like a flower, so charming that she wants to shake her eyes.
Her thin lips whispered, "Mom, aren’t you afraid of your daughter’s chilling because you are in such a hurry to share your daughter with an outsider?"
Feng shallow is not unheard of such a thing. She knows that if a family has a female palace in favor, then there are too many people to add to the palace to keep the family prosperous.
However, these things are often discussed by uncles and elders in the family. The daughter persuades the father, while the mother usually plays the person who cries and says that her daughter is miserable.
Now, however, everything seems to be reversed.
Her mother can’t wait to cram another person into the palace, and it seems that her mother is more concerned about that stranger than she is-this can be seen from the incident in the daytime alone, which can often tell everything. This is not an excuse for not seeing her daughter for more than a year.
Mrs. Feng was so dumb that she sat there without saying a word.
Feng Shao brushed her hair and walked to her side to help her up. "Mom, it’s getting late. Please hurry back and rest. You don’t have to worry about what your daughter just said. If your real daughter is good, don’t do it again, okay?"
Too chilling to ask her questions.
"It’s understandable for a shallow mother to know that you are favored and spoiled now, but have you ever thought that no matter how good you spend a hundred days, you will get old one day and the emperor will always be the emperor? You can occupy him for a day or two, but can you bully him all your life?"
Mrs. Feng suddenly seems to have found a reason and has already walked to the door, but she just won’t go out.
Pull the phoenix shallow continued, "son, the more favored you are now, the more those people in the palace will fall into the trap when you fall out of favor in the future. At that time, the new people around the emperor have changed their roots and can’t care about you. Where can you have a good life? Maybe if you are not careful, you will be miserable by those means of eating people and not spitting bones in the palace! "
"isn’t Mrs. feng too underestimating me?"
There was a slow male voice outside the door, and Mrs. Feng suddenly turned pale. Chapter 54 Some flowers just can last for a hundred years.
Phoenix shallow looked at her because of fear and severe contraction of the pupil. I couldn’t say for sure whether it was unbearable or disappointing. I bent my lips and smiled slowly, but I didn’t let the man outside come in and say something. I don’t want this one-hearted outsider to hurt myself.
"Mom, you go home first."
Phoenix shallow also don’t want to be too difficult, she lowered her eyes and pointed to the outside simply to let her out.
Your ink shadow is coming from two steps away at this time, and the door is not enough to block the door.
But somehow there was a strong momentum and coercion where Mrs. Feng had moved a leg and stopped in situ, so she looked at him stupefied and didn’t dare to cross him
Mrs. Feng’s heart was so frightened that she just buried her head underground.
She finally found an opportunity to say such a thing with her and her daughter. I didn’t expect the Donglan emperor to appear at this time and just heard such a sentence.
"Positions you don’t get me wrong …"
Before I finished, I was interrupted lightly by your ink shadow. "I have no misunderstanding."
His eyes don’t look as cold as a disgusting person, but they are as faint as a stranger. But his innate temperament makes people feel that he is difficult to get close to, and he is even more afraid at this moment.
"No matter what Mrs. Feng means, I will say-there will be no lady worried about that situation."
He said that he stepped on the door and leaned over to hug Feng Shao. He didn’t say anything again, but Mrs. Feng was very white. He said, "Go first" and left the hospital quickly for two people.
Yu Nu, the shadow of Jun Mo in the house, ignored Mrs. Feng Qian and let her go after she left.
Go straight to the table, pour a cup of tea, sip a mouthful of sexy Adam’s apple, slide slightly, and swallow water involuntarily.
When she reacted, she thought that when her face turned red, she immediately scratched her head bitterly.
Going forward, Feng Shao tugged at his sleeve and let her feel bored. "Hey, you’re not angry, are you?"