Lan Mo Chen smiled. "Well, stop chasing them and make them sweet and sweet. I haven’t seen Leng Lun Rui like this for a long time."

When exactly did everyone have an unspeakable subtle change?
When on earth did you feel filled with fulfillment?
I realized that the purple butterfly suddenly made a 100-degree change. "Hey, what are you doing? Let it go quickly?" I said with a face of disgust.
Lan Mo-chen smiled a little bit stiff, wasn’t it just fine? Why is it changing so fast?
Hundreds of questions were repeatedly asked back and forth in Lan Mo-chen’s heart, but after all, an answer was obtained. Huangfu Zidie was a monster who said that he would turn his back on denying people for one second.
"Hey, pervert, why are you twitching your mouth?" After cutting, Purple Butterfly suddenly has a feeling of regret and the bottom of my heart spreads.
Lan Mochen suspects that her IQ is simply unreasonable. Can’t you see that? Or are you deliberately playing dumb?
"Forget it, I won’t dispute with you." Blue stranger Chen put away his face of doubt and said, "My adult has forgiven you a lot." Purple butterfly’s eyes are very batting practice.
A fist came, and the purple butterfly was angry and rushed at a hundred points.
"Hey, what do you want?" Lan Mo Chen ran around the classroom with his head in his arms, making the classroom chicken fly a dog to jump.
Xin Yu and Ling Yuexi’s faces are all black lines, and they are simply stiff and become zombies. I don’t know what to say.
However, in order to ease the atmosphere, Ling Yuexi reacted. When he shrugged his shoulders, it seemed as if he had gone back to childhood for that moment. Everyone was still talking and laughing together.
Everyone is still like before, like a child who will never grow up.
Brick held out his hand to Xin Yu. "Let’s go and let them go crazy. Can you go out with me?"
Xin Yu looked down at his delicate hands and looked a little confused. There were several holes in his eyes and he hesitated whether he wanted to hold that hand or not.
Without waiting for Ling Yuexi, he strode out of the classroom hand in hand.
Xin Yu didn’t resist his some surprise.
Maybe I’m really tired. I really want to find a shoulder to lean on and stop.
Suddenly feel like this
Sea hug
The diameter was led out of the classroom by Ling Yuexi and I didn’t know what to do.
The heartbeat is clearly visible, but it is still a face of indifference and a face of so-called
But some people know that their hearts are surging
Along the way, my classmates’ eyes were surprised, and their eyes were about to fall out. My face was full of sadness and tears, and our king was gone in a week.
I really want to find a place to complain. It’s their wish
At the moment, Xin Yu has an ordinary girl throbbing and an ordinary girl shy.
Ling Yuexi stopped at the gate of the parking lot and pressed the key of the sports car. The light flashed. Xin Yu was pulled by the sports car and wanted to ask what to do, but now he couldn’t say it.
The car sped all the way to a sea road.
Xin Yu looked at Ling Yuexi in amazement and pointed to the vast blue sea and asked, "This is where you want to take me."
Ling Yuexi sipped his mouth and smiled and looked at the sea. The sea breeze blew and took Xin Yu’s hand to the beach.
The sea breeze messed up Xin Yu’s hair, and his face was disordered.
Humid air, everything is fresh.