And Xiao Xian’s expression is like that uncle who often cajoles the little girl to see goldfish on the rooftop with round eyes and a wretched face.

The most terrible thing is that Xiaohong obviously knows what route she should take in dressing up, because she is wearing a typical sailor’s extremely short skirt and a blue-and-white striped dress to make Xiao "poof" out of her nose on the spot.
"oh, my god! Practice is just right! " Little despair lamented.
Light rainbow smiled slightly.
She has almost reached the highest level of hue. No one can surpass her in the whole waterside pavilion except master lantian jade, but now this achievement method is just opposite the little brother, who has been unable to resist.
Of course, the real highest state charm is far from the worldly coquettish women who can be compared with human beings for teasing, and it is a sign.
Every smile, every frown, is in a light hum, a snort, a look, a wisp of fragrance is the most mysterious, the most natural way, and the most incredible absolute effect is achieved in the subtle integration of heaven and geography.
Some men watch a lot of fun, but they can’t forget the glimpse of a beautiful image in a certain month.
Some men can refuse to throw themselves at several beautiful women, but they are just hooked by an ordinary girl with a smile.
Some men seem to be perfect and weak until the truth is revealed, but they have all kinds of incredible quirks.
It is said that every man has weaknesses, and it is important that you can find them.
The hue realm can subtly attack your various weaknesses from every movement and expression until a certain detail suddenly hits your flaw and makes you collapse immediately.
Xiaoxian was about to collapse. He suddenly found that although Qinghong was still a green apple, his taste suddenly changed, and he couldn’t wait to bite the green apple hard.
He stepped out and pushed back half a step with difficulty. With his last strength, he suddenly took out a bright green thing the size of a kitten from his pocket and shouted "clear water toad!"
The clear water toad stayed quietly, and there was no movement in his hand, but the corpuscle burst into flames like a prairie fire!
"Not all the magic weapons in the extinct door work." Xiao Hong’s little hand covered her mouth and giggled. The smile was as clear as a bell, as transparent as ice and snow. In her small ears, like a pig giving up eating ginseng fruit, 100,000 pores were all at ease. He looked straight at Xiao Hong and felt that the small hand covered her mouth was so white and fresh, and her smile was so lovely. This moment was even more fascinating. I almost decided that my greatest wish in this life was to rush at it regardless of everything, and then-peony flowers died as ghosts and romantic.
Fortunately, at this time, three words jumped out of his mind to Chi Xiaozhu.
Every man has weaknesses, but at the same time, every man has a fulcrum, and a strong enough fulcrum can support a man’s lofty ambition and guide him to overcome obstacles. Archimedes once said, "Give me a fulcrum and I can tilt the earth." This famous saying, which originally belonged to the theoretical category of classical physics, fully proved the importance of fulcrum.
The small fulcrum is Chi Xiaozhu.
The last little bit of strength bit one’s tongue, and the sharp pain made him almost bite off his tongue. With the spread of pain, his body was finally squeezed.
Xiaoli took three steps back "plop" and sat down and closed her eyes tightly.
Then he raised his hand and covered his ear.
Yes, he can’t exercise resistance, but he closes his eyes and covers his ears. I can’t watch or listen to your beauty and your timbre, can I?
Light rainbow and xiao yue suddenly got a stay by him and looked at each other with a strange expression.
When Tianlu founded this method, his heart was full of pride and self-confidence. I’m afraid he never thought that there was such a method of cheating, but you have to admit that it was not a foul. If Qinghong and xiao yue can’t come up with something new, it will be difficult to seduce Xiao.
Light rainbow is the most classic "striptease performance", but it can’t be performed if it is so small.
What should we do?
Two women look at each other and smile with pride in their eyes. Hum and hum. Are you able to resist our double charm in such a clumsy way?
Xiao yue’s hands are generally wrapped around the small neck, and the jade hand is too small. I feel that my body is hot and I am touched by the place, and it is like a stream injection.
The most terrible thing is that the walking track of xiao yue’s hand is also very strange. When it is light and heavy, it is like a white jade fingertip. The skin keeps getting smaller and smaller, and the circles are big and small, one after another, and sometimes it is a little weak.
Every time I press a small button, I feel that my lower abdomen will suffer a torment, and the flames will burn again. If he hadn’t bitten the tip of his tongue and clung to that point, I’m afraid he would have become a beast a hundred years earlier.
He doesn’t know xiao yue this technique is also exquisite.
In the first floor, when playing with Xiaoxin and Ningxiang, Tianlu created the aphrodisiac technique, which was specifically aimed at women. At the moment, xiao yue’s technique is an aphrodisiac technique in the fox family’s natural skills. It is specifically aimed at men. xiao yue is the only genius fox who has cultivated to the five-tailed realm in a thousand years. Whether it is profound or savvy, it can be regarded as the best of the fox family. Her technique is powerful, but it is really serious
If xiao yue can take this opportunity to make a large-scale, high-density and azimuth aphrodisiac tease for all sensitive points of the small body, I am afraid that the small body will really fall. Unfortunately, xiao yue is still a virgin after all, and there are still some ways to put this technique. It is also the first time that the "clinical internship" has been warming up the small body, which gives a small counterattack opportunity.
"What should I do? What should I do? " The little lips were scorched. Now it’s absolutely a dream to want quiet inside. The little physiological reactions have reached the limit. The brothers hold their heads high and can’t wait to find an opponent to fight for 300 rounds. But if the master doesn’t speak, he can’t find an opponent who can desperately accumulate strength and desperately expand himself. xiao yue and Xiaohong can’t help blushing and heartbeat quietly thinking, "I … can I really stand it later?"
"Grandma wants me not to shoot anyway, even if it is too real, I will be strong!" Xiao Yan clenched his teeth and thought, "If the second floor has to survive, it’s easy to say that you have to survive behind the second floor."
Just thought of here, I felt my face was fierce and tight. He suddenly shivered and felt that his younger brother had been gently pinched by one hand. If he hadn’t managed to have some self-control, I’m afraid he would have premature ejaculation directly.
This leaking Yuanyang essence is about to wave. Even if the second layer is completely practiced, it will be a failure.
"It’s too dangerous! It’s too dangerous!" There is a madman in the cerebellum shouting, "If we wait any longer, something will definitely happen. We can’t wait so much!"
Xiao Yiheng opened his eyes with a teether brush!
His eyes have been burned red by the Ministry!
"ah!" Light rainbow and xiao yue are still full of confidence. After a long warm-up, xiao yue finally reached into the small face. At the moment, she is concentrating on helping urinate the belt. Next, she is going to try the technique of "the tongue comes out of the hole" that the fox family has always respected.
The so-called clever tongue comes out of the hole, as the name implies, is to make that cherry mouth do something shameful in the boudoir.
However, she has no chance to continue the exercise, because Xiao Huo stretched out his hand with his eyes open and hugged her mercilessly. Yingying shook her waist with one hand and pulled her long skirt with the other.
Everything in the criticality conforms to the rule of "follow one’s inclinations". xiao yue has carefully designed five sets of different dresses, namely, nurse’s suit, white-collar suit, student’s suit, Miss Zhong’s suit and Bunny’s dress. She wants to have a good time, role-play and show her unique charm in front of her master, but she hasn’t even come to change one set, so she has not been given a chance.
Xiao has no energy to answer her. As soon as the virgin Yuan Yin enters the body, the meridians of the corpuscles have changed dramatically again.