【 385 】 【 Xiaoli charged 】

Ye Han really couldn’t resist the fox’s temptation. Listening to the fox’s skill of flying against the wind, he had an itchy feeling. I really couldn’t wait to directly rush to overwhelm the fox and force him to stop flying against the wind. He didn’t do that and didn’t dare to do that.
"Well," Ye Han gave in to everything. He had the choice. After practicing flying on the wind, he decided to throw caution to the wind. He could do anything but not promise Fox some cockiness requirements.
Smell speech fox immediately is a captivating smile is particularly charming as if to Ye Han launched this * * naked challenge to challenge his endurance limit. There is a feeling that he won’t give up until he wins the fruit.
Ye Han was attracted by the fox’s flying skills against the wind, but he was not attracted by her charming smile. The fox smiled and was directly ignored by him. The rest is that you are willing to force both of us to March towards the river …
Along the river, Ye Han, while observing the whole environment, learned to look for the dusty information in the sea. Unfortunately, he took action but didn’t get any reward until he came to a small forest.
Ye Han stopped when he saw the fox stop in front, and at the same time, he thought to himself with a bitter sigh, "It seems that it is still necessary to know all this. Since the time is not yet ripe, don’t think about it for the time being!"
Thinking of this, he came to Fox and looked at the scene ahead. Instead, Fox smiled and said, "This isn’t the place you said is suitable for our practice!"
Ye Han looked around again before continuing, "I don’t think there is anything special here. It’s just a small forest. Is there any hidden secret here?"
"Ha ha master, if you really want to think so, there is nothing to say in Xiaoli. After all, it is indeed a small forest here. Is it true that the master Yuan Dao realized that he didn’t feel any difference between here and other places?" Fox suddenly smiled at Ye Han’s words.
After Fox woke up, Ye Han realized that this place is really different from other places. Although there is nothing strange in other places of Kobayashi, it is not difficult to find that the vitality here is much thicker than that in other places.
"Ha ha, there is such a beauty in this small forest." I feel that Ye Han can’t neglect the busyness and take a few steps towards the small forest. After a while, I made sure that I didn’t feel wrong, I turned around and smiled at Fox awkwardly.
Fox also smiled and didn’t say anything, so he went to the Woods. Ye Han saw this and stopped staying. Slowly, he followed the fox and the two of them slowly disappeared into the Woods.
After a long time, Fox finally stopped in a relatively open place and looked around for a while. Then he smiled and said, "This is the place. If the master didn’t have anything to do with him, I’m afraid we would practice here for nearly half a month!"
Said the fox paused and then said, "I want to fix myself in this half month, and you can practice the skills of flying against the wind at the same time. We will leave here in half a month!"
Ye Hanwen suddenly froze and nodded. "Well, in that case, let’s practice here for half a month from today and then leave!"
Fox nodded his head and stopped saying that he didn’t turn around and came to a big tree. His palms suddenly printed, and two vitality instantly floated out from the palm, and then turned into a double seal. Finally, Fox controlled him to get into the big tree.
Then the little fox came to another tree, and the same technique was used to hit two seals in the big tree. Instead, the previous two big trees echoed each other at a distance. Finally, he saw the little fox slowly coming to the center of the open field, then he rose and rotated his figure, and then he hit four big trees with four seals.
Then the little fox fell back to the ground, holding his hands in the air, and his vigorous vitality rose from the palm of his hand, and the little fox stopped where he had previously stayed, and then crashed and exploded to form a curtain that was hard to see to the naked eye. The foundation of four big trees covered the whole field of Fiona Fang.
At the same time, the fox patted the palm of his hand and looked at the light curtain around him with satisfaction. He turned to look at himself and looked at Ye Han with a charming smile. "Master, what are you looking at? The boundary has been arranged, so we won’t worry about foreign objects disturbing this practice in the future!"
I heard that Ye Han’s face was awkward, and he coughed lightly for two times, giving up a little bit of distractions in his heart and then nodded at Fox. "Well, in that case, let’s practice as soon as possible!"
Ye Han is a little guilty because Fox just arranged the enchantment. At that time, he seemed to be attracted by a certain temperament. At that time, he was a little shaken. He didn’t dare to have too much face-to-face contact with Fox. He could try to prevaricate by practicing.
Once upon a time, Ye Han’s heart suddenly flashed with such an idea. Although he once suspected that his mind was not strong, he even recognized that it was all because some women were so beautiful that if they were not tempted at all, it might be enough to say that a man was not a man.
Ye Han found himself an excuse for a man who said nothing, but he didn’t dare to take advantage of it. He chose to retreat and endure the common saying, forbearing for a while, calm down, take a step back and broaden the horizon. This sentence doesn’t mean playing less. At this time, Ye Han has a deep understanding
Ye Han was stupefied thinking about something unimaginable at ordinary times, but he was also crazy for a while. Fox said that he realized what it was, and there would be no interruption. He found a piece of grass and sat on the surface to exercise and recuperate his vitality.
Ye Han soon recovered and glanced at the little fox who had entered the science of uniting. He finally shook his head and said with a wry smile, "I really don’t know what this little fox owed her in his previous life!"
Said Ye Han seems to feel a little hungry. Nai touched the belly and sighed bitterly. Immediately, he took out a fruit that increased yuan from the Yu Pei and put it in his mouth. Then he found a place to refine this fruit by himself. One can stop the hunger in his stomach, and the other can take the opportunity to make up for the energy consumed by the previous one.
Although he was protected by a small fox in the former beast yuan mountain range, he was forced to burn the cold jade flute several times and suffered another injury, and his vitality gradually fell into a weak state, so he also needed to recover.
Soon the two of them counted the strong vitality in the cultivation grove, and then he moved everywhere. Birds in the treetops were still called all the beautiful scenes that nature should have, and this moment was performed here.
When time flies, it’s another sunset. Ye Han woke up again before the night came, and the fox seemed to feel something, so Ye Han got ready to get up and opened his eyes at that moment.
Ye Han, who stopped exercising, slowly got up and looked up at the sky before he noticed that the fox was awake and smiled and said, "You are awake!" "
Know perfectly well past ask after hearing Ye Han’s words, Fox couldn’t help but give him a white look. Isn’t this nonsense? If I hadn’t woken up, I would have been able to get up like this. But although I thought so in my heart, Fox didn’t dare to say what it was and nodded slightly at him, so he stopped talking.
Ye Han suddenly stared at the little fox. After a while, he saw the little fox look at himself and smiled. "What should we do next? Don’t continue to practice!"
After listening to Ye Han, Fox seemed to realize what he was busy with. He smiled awkwardly and said, "Give me a jade charm and I’ll paint this flying skill for you. I may have to close my practice these days, so practice this flying skill yourself. If you don’t understand anything, I’ll answer you when I wake up!"
After listening to the fox’s words, Ye Han rushed to the object without thinking. Yu Pei took out a jade charm and threw it to the fox. Then he nodded and said, "Don’t worry, just fix it and I won’t bother you!"
"Hehe" Fox didn’t say anything about a gentle smile, then he held the jade symbol tightly with his hands and quietly closed his eyes. Then he saw her hands flashing with a faint vitality, and then he saw her open her eyes again. "Take this skill of flying against the wind and take it here for a good research. If you don’t understand the place, put it there first and I will give you the corresponding answer when I am stable and repaired!"
Fox also said twice that exhortation is not strong. Ye Han is naturally white fox’s closure this time. Otherwise, he is not so cautious. He is more sure that she must not be disturbed during her cultivation period.
[386] 【 Flying element technology 】