Yang night smiled and nodded quickly and looked around for a week and said softly, "Nanrong Magic will do me a favor, and the red domain Lord will ask him to call me back."

"What?" South glory magic surprised to call a.
Next to the scorching sun, I don’t understand. "Don’t forget that we brought it with us this time. We have rules. We can’t go back without the red domain master."
Yang night raised my hand and scratched his head and curled his mouth and said, "What do you think of the scorching sun now?" Now things have involved the black domain master, the big domain master, the hidden conspiracy of the protoss and the hatred of the evil clan of the ghost clan, which is the whole domain! What kind of execution is this? What nonsense rules can’t restrict the seriousness of the current problem? "
Words to the scorching sun said one leng, then a slight frown bowed their heads and thought for a no longer speak.
"Red Bi, I’m not too white. What do you want to do when you go back to the Red Domain Master?" Xiahou Chaojun came a few steps and looked at Yang Ye, puzzled. "Are you looking for the help of this red domain master and the elder sister, cordate telosma?"
"Do you want to go back to our own and hide from the Lord of the Black Domain?" South glory magic interjected call way
At Yang Ye, the scorching sun silently smiled and said in a low voice, "I think the red dagger is to send the girl named Ruyan back to her own place to ensure that she can avoid what happens to this girl."
Yang night looked at the scorching sun and nodded and smiled. "Dead fat is terrible, but you guessed half right. I’m going to send Ruyan back to myself and then cut the blue demon out."
"Blue demon chop?" The scorching sun and Nan Rong’s illusion were surprised.
"Yes, there are things that need her help." Yang Ye nodded and said.
"Have you thought it over?" South glory magic close to some anxious said "blue demon cut injury? Are you fully recovered? Do you know how dangerous this is? How can you let her take the risk? "
"Blue demon chop is the cloud clan blue demon chop? Isn’t that friar Bai Yu’s main door? " Xiahou Chaojun was also very surprised and curious to hear Yang Ye and Nan Rong Magic talking to them.
"Yes, she is the blue demon chop." The baby smiled and affirmed the question of Xiahou Chaojun. "The blue demon chop has been transferred from the main door of the white domain to the main door of the red domain. Now they are the same stuff as the red dagger night attack."
"So that’s it." Xiahou Chaojun suddenly realized that he nodded and hesitated again and again, and turned to look at Monsieur beaucaire Ling. "But look at the night attack, so nervous that Lan Yao cut them both …"
The baby squinted and smiled. "No! The blue demon chop and the red dagger are a pair of things that we have seen with our own eyes! "
"Red Bi again! ? Another one? " Xiahou Chaojun looked at Yang night with a surprised look, and he was vaguely jealous for a long time. He touched Ba and said to himself, "There is nothing wrong with being young …"
While talking, I suddenly found that Monsieur beaucaire Ling was secretly glancing at his eyes with a sharp claw, which frightened Xiahou Chaojun and quickly shut his mouth.
On the other side of Yang night, I was laughing and explaining with Nan Rong Magic, "Don’t worry, I’m not going to let Lan Yao cut this place, but to let her go to another place and divide the troops into two ways to be prepared."
Nan Rong Phantom is puzzled by Yang Ye and says with a smile, "And Nan Rong Phantom, I hope to borrow the baby to let her go with Lan Yao to finish that thing. The baby’s ability to do it will definitely help a lot."
"baby? You said baby? " South glory magic cried and turned to look at the baby and hesitated and asked, "Yang night, what are you doing? Why do you want the baby to participate? Is there any danger? "
Yang night thought for a moment and shook his head. "I don’t think there is any danger because the black domain master, Cirengu and the three masters have all done this, and the number of dangers should be minimized."
"What black domain Lord what CiRenGu how do I …" South glory magic frowning puzzled to repeat suddenly stare big eyes straight wait for a while looked at Yang night stuttering and said "Yang night! You are, you mean … "
"Well, that’s what I mean." Yang Ye nodded. "I’m looking for Xiaozheng, which means that this matter should be the best time now, otherwise we will definitely be at the mercy of him in the future."
South glory illusion shocked and looked at the baby long heart contradictions.
And there has been no scorching sun, but I heard everything clearly. Slowly, my fat face narrowed her eyes and grinned. "Mother! What a bold idea you have! "
Yang Ye also smiled and knew that the scorching sun had understood his meaning.
"I think it’s feasible to attack the red dagger at night." The scorching sun turned to persuade Nan Rong to come. "You know, the black domain owner can play with us, especially the red dagger, because the black domain owner has the red dagger card in his hand! If you want to compete with the black domain owner, you must first get those cards back! "
"I know you said it was Xi Shi and Zheng Dan, right?" South glory magic leng one eye and micro regent "but will it be so smooth? Don’t the black Lord think that Zheng Dan and Xi Shi are threatening Yang Ye now? "
"There should be no black domain master. Since he can call the three masters of the Lord’s seat, he must have never thought of this method. In other words, maybe the black domain master’s eyes can kill us without using such three abusive means." The scorching sun walked over and explained that Yang night nodded frequently
"But the baby she …" Nan Rong Magic told the truth. In the final analysis, he was still worried about the baby.
"Don’t forget that not long ago, the baby’s strength was finished with you and me!" Yang Ye curled his mouth and raised his hand and gently gave Nan Rong a punch. "Besides, Xiaozheng will go with him. Now he is not the little white idiot, but the authentic Xiazu senior monk is not necessarily worse than us!"
Muyang Zhengshi has been hearing Yang Ye say this behind Yang Ye and hurried out. "Brother, don’t say that I am poisonous in summer. Oh, no, I’m Muyang Zhengyou. Today, it’s my eldest brother. You and Nan Rong saved my life and helped me. I will do it well!" Then he took another look at Nan Rong’s illusion. "Nan Rong’s big brother’s baby is going to talk about her safety. I am responsible for my life and I will protect your woman!"
South glory magic one leng this sentence "you woman" said south glory magic heart warm almost sour nose to hide the exaggerated smile hand caught MuYangZheng shoulder and pinched two.