Say that finish after Tang Jun also don’t polite with both of them right hand holding the Excalibur to both of them to kill Chapter two hundred and fifty-five War pack (1)

Tang Jun just took out Excalibur and released the variation baby inside, but the two old monsters have long heard that Wu Huang’s strong men said that young Excalibur has two kinds of severe variation babies.
At this time, at the sight of the young man taking out the horror hallows, he immediately flashed and disappeared. The Wu Huang masters had already retired Tang Jun’s sword and fell firmly to the ground, staring at the sky.
Looking around, several powerful dragons and Johnson of Emperor Wu shouted, "Smelly little one is a magic weapon with many hands and feet, and it’s still a monster that can’t be killed. Now that we three families have made a deadly enemy, we have Qi Xin’s cooperation and the ancestors of our three families have come to the’ Big Dipper Array’ to find a way to kill him. Let’s all come together."
Hearing the dragon Johnson calling, except Long Fengjiao, his four masters of Emperor Wu immediately swarmed around the teenagers, and those masters of Wu Huang also swarmed behind them.
Long Fengjiao hesitated a little to join the encirclement, but in her heart, she was worried that the ancestors of the three families would create the "Big Dipper Array" together. It is much worse than that if a big honour person is caught in a large array, it will be difficult to escape from life, that is, the honour person has the ability to escape from the ground and display it in a large array. Once the teenager is caught in the "Big Dipper Array", there is no hope to live.
Thinking of this, she was a little anxious and kept winking at the teenager, hoping that he could escape, but the teenager didn’t move, and he didn’t know everything.
Seeing a teenager like this, Long Fengjiao felt very painful in his heart, but he thought of a good idea. When he walked beside several emperors, he deliberately put a straight face and shouted at the teenager angrily, "I don’t know how to live or die. Today, I will let you taste the Dafa array created by the ancestors of our three families together. It is a great honour person who can escape from the world to see where a brat can be rampant?"
"Oh, really?"
Tang Jun smiled and stared at a large group of people around him. There was no fear in his heart. He also knew that Dragon Beauty suddenly denounced herself. There must be some meaning. Even the Great Venerable Master managed to escape from the birth. What about this? The Big Dipper Array is inscrutable. I’m afraid that even the Venerable Master has the ability to escape from the ground. Since it is so powerful, he’d like to see what large array actually has such a powerful power to trap him.
There, except Zhu Guzhu, who doesn’t know the "Big Dipper Array", others are all three families except the old man Wu, who has studied this array.
However, the arrangement of this array is very simple. You need to understand it a little bit. The key is to participate in the display. All the masters must be Wu Huang level, and this array is divided into two layers. There must be seven masters of Emperor Wudi occupying seven positions respectively, and at least fourteen people can start this famous array. The more people there are in the outer layer, the better. If it is a master of Wu Huang level, it will be fine.
Seven masters of Emperor Wu surrounded the teenagers who didn’t know how to live or die, and then occupied seven directions in the order of three "Yuchong" stars and three "Xuanji" stars, namely Tian Shu, Tianxuan, Tianji, Tian, Yuheng, Yang and Yaoguang.
The seven of them formed a large circle surrounded by teenagers. Once it was started, with the change of formation, seven people could join hands to move back and forth. Seven people had skills, and they could gather in one person at the same time and be able to switch to another person at any time. Many Wu Huang strong people formed a tight encirclement around them to prevent the enemy from breaking the array and fleeing. When the master of the seventh Emperor Wudi was exhausted, the master of the outer Wu Huang could also lose his skills to the master of the seventh Emperor Wudi to help them with one arm. This large circle was very scary and amazing. All the masters were shocked all day.
It is this large circle that needs a high level of experts and a large number of people. Almost no one has seen it in actual combat, and only when three families get together to practice can everyone see it.
Now, when I hear the words of the Dragon Monster, all the Wu Huang experts’ faces are lit up. It is their great honor to see the terrible power of the Big Dipper Array in actual combat today.
The arrangement of the "Big Dipper Array" by the masters of the Seven Emperor Wudi was almost completed in a moment. The masters of the Seven Emperor Wudi stood in the outer layer according to their positions, and 19 Wu Huang masters, namely Pang Tu, the ghost hand, joined in.
The two girls’ faces were all dead white outside.
Dragon girl was so anxious that she didn’t care that she was a dragon family and shouted at the teenager. "You can’t escape if you are small?" What can you show off in front of so many masters? The’ Big Dipper Array’ owned by our three families is more powerful than once you start it, you can’t come even if you want to escape. "
"Pearl, will you shut up and talk nonsense about how grandma will wait on you when she goes back?"
Seeing that the baby granddaughter has been a teenager and has been ignoring the face of the Dragon Family, Mu Guier couldn’t help but stop drinking.
"If you dare to kill Brother Tang, wait for Pearl to collect the body?"
Dragon girl tears, regardless of grandma’s threat, she stamped her foot and walked outside.
Cold frost frost has been suffering from heart pain. At this time, it was more than I could bear. I knelt in front of all the masters and cried with tears. "Let’s leave Brother Tang alone, seniors. He once saved Sister Shuang Erlong’s life. He killed two Wu Huang in Lengjialong’s family. They also coveted Brother Tang’s hand and grabbed it to death. Can’t you blame him? Since the fight, it is difficult to have casualties. Is Uncle Leng or Master Frost? I hate him in my heart, but I don’t want to see him die. So many experts join hands? So many experts have joined hands to deal with a samurai boy. If it is publicized, how can our three families live in this world? "
Miss Leng’s words made the experts look at each other, and everyone thought that Miss Leng said there was some truth. It’s a shame to join forces with a teenager for so many days.
“ ` ` w w w
Thought of here, everyone looked at the dragon Johnson to see what he said. Chapter two hundred and fifty-six War pack ()
"We should all know that it is necessary to uproot the wild animals, right? Once this perverted teenager grows up, I’m afraid our three families will be finished? I’m afraid the whole day will fall into a catastrophe. In those days, Emperor Tianjun broke through to the rank of emperor Shenjun and unified the whole continent. It can be said that the whole day was flooded with blood and bones, so we should all learn from such a tragedy. How can I forget my children’s affair and make a big mistake? "
Dragon Johnson’s words made everyone agree and nodded.
The frost and frost are so angry that these people are simply shameless. So many top experts bully Brother Tang, and a samurai boy is eloquent. It seems that he has made a famous warrior who benefits the whole world. It’s disgusting. More and more people think about it, more and more angry. She walks to the front behind Cousin Long.
"Alas, it’s really annoying that these two smelly wenches turn their arms outward." Mrs. Dragon Mu Guier sighed and shook her head. She took out a despondent thing from Nazhuan and shot it at two girls, hitting Long Xuezhu’s back. Suddenly, a burst of smoke filled the back, and the two girls fainted at the same time. Obviously, it was some ecstasy bomb.
"When everyone starts the array together, the old man won’t believe that this stinky little devil has really become a demon?"
The dragon Johnson glared bitterly at the young man who had been surrounded in front of him. His face was a mockery. The whole day was that once he fell into the "Big Dipper Array", he managed to escape. What about the samurai boy in front of him? Although teenagers have terrible power and many powerful magic weapons to escape from the ground, what power can teenagers play in this shocking Dafa array, and they are like shooting turtles in a jar, and everything is certain.
Seven masters of Emperor Wudi set up seven directions to surround the young people, and together they released the "dreamland of life and death". A large net was formed around the young people. At the same time, they poured the body strength department into the big net together, and the vague illusory net gradually became clear. Then their left hands formed their own different handprints, and a mysterious formula was whispered in their mouths. Suddenly, the big net became clear, and the color changed gradually. First, it was purple, then it changed constantly to blue, green, yellow, orange and red, and finally it became pure white.
On the surface, it looks simple, but the seven masters of Emperor Wudi have already burst into cold sweat on their foreheads. Obviously, they are still very labor-intensive in exerting this kind of fate.
At this time, Tang Jun’s face looks a little ugly in the large array. This "Big Dipper Array" is really serious. It has just started the large array and surrounded him. The pure white net around him is like a wall that releases terrible coercion, making it difficult for him to breathe. It seems that it is difficult to move by a force.
"Wu Huang brothers, let’s pour strength into it. We have reached the limit!" Dragon Johnson is also sweating and panting, and the tone is a little hoarse.
Hearing Dragon Johnson calling for ten Wu Huang on the outer floor (Wu Huang Mu Hu was injured and didn’t attend), he immediately pulled his hands together one by one. The last one put his hands on Dragon Johnson’s back, and ten Wu Huang masters kept inputting his strength into Dragon Johnson’s body and then lost it to the net through Dragon Johnson’s right hand.
All of a sudden, the six masters of Emperor Wudi were relieved, and Long Fengjiao was even paler, and his heart was even more stinging.
The Xiao Wang in front of her really bothers her. Just now, she can use the escape technique to escape, but he doesn’t know how to live or die. It’s so arrogant that it’s impossible to escape at this time. She also wants to spend snacks and think about helping the teenager get out without letting everyone find out. Otherwise, the teenager will die. There is no chance of escape. Once the root is started, it is not human power that can be manipulated, but it is beneficial to exert the power of the Dafa array. Just help start it and let the whole Dafa array enter the automatic operation program. Can you find a flaw to help the teenager break this power? It
With the continuous input of many Wu Huang masters, the whole pure white fence shines, and a little light keeps gathering in the center of the white fence, forming a small ball of light that releases strong coercion.
"What a horrible little ball of light!"
Tang Jun was shocked to see the little ball of light on his head. He couldn’t help mumbling. He just looked up and glanced at his body and immediately shuddered. His eyes stung. What the hell is this? Why is it so horrible? His face can’t help but look even uglier. If I had known this, he wouldn’t be such a fool. A man who has nothing to look for is caught in such a terrible circle.